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How To Prepare for a Fire in Your Home

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

Evacuation plan of a building in case of fire incident. Text on image that says REMEMBER Every homeowner in Mentone, CA should have a fire escape plan

Prepare Yourself For a Fire In Your Home

Although the idea of a fire occurring in your home in Mentone, CA can be scary, being prepared and having a fire escape plan can be lifesaving in an emergency. There are several steps you can prepare yourself for a fire in your home.

1. Become Familiar with Fire Alarms in Your Home

In the event of a fire, early detection can be incredibly important. However, a fire alarm that is out of batteries or needs to be replaced may not be able to alert you if a fire occurs. Changing the batteries yearly and replacing the fire alarm at least once every ten years can help to ensure you will be alerted if a fire occurs. Additionally, it can be helpful to test the fire alarm so you and your family members will know what the alarm sounds like and can react quickly if the alarm goes off.

2. Make a Plan

Creating a fire escape plan is a key way you can prepare yourself for a fire. If a fire occurs, knowing how to quickly escape can help keep you safe. It’s generally useful to have more than one route of escape in case one route is inaccessible during a fire. If you live with other people, it can also be smart to agree on a meeting spot that is a safe distance from your home.

3. Practice Your Escape Plan Frequently

Once you have an emergency escape plan, practicing it frequently can make the process of actually escaping much easier. Practicing your plan will also give you the opportunity to notice any potential issues with your escape route. By noticing problems during a practiced escape, you can adjust your route if necessary and find alternatives in a low-stress environment.

Knowing how the fire alarms in your home work, making a fire escape plan and practicing your plan often can help to prepare you and your family for a fire. Fire damage restoration experts are often useful to contact after a fire occurs.

How do I Prevent Kitchen Fires?

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

a charred kitchen wall near the stove Never leave anything cooking unattended.

Your kitchen in Redlands, CA has the most delicious tastes and smells, but also the most potential fire hazards of any room in your home. Fortunately, there are three easy tips you can follow to minimize the risk of fire damage:

1. Maintain Appliances

Keep your appliances in good condition by cleaning them regularly. Daily, wipe down the stovetop and unplug appliances when not in use. Periodically, scrub the inside of the oven, empty crumbs from the toaster and clean the inside of the microwave. If you find a frayed wire, or if an appliance is not functioning normally, unplug it immediately. Repair or replace a faulty appliance.

2. Supervise Cooking

If you must leave the house, turn off all kitchen appliances first. If you cannot remain in the kitchen, check in frequently. Set a timer in case you lose track of the time; it tips you off when the food is done. When cooking with oil, do not overfill the pot and remain in the kitchen at all times. A grease fire can start and spread quickly. If a grease fire occurs, never put water on it. Have a lid nearby when cooking with grease to cut off the oxygen supply to a fire.

3. Remove Fire Hazards

Always keep flammable materials away from the stovetop and other appliances that generate heat. This includes potholders, dish towels and paper towels. When cooking, keep your hair back and roll up your sleeves.

Cooking is an enjoyable, and necessary, part of your life in Redlands, CA. Keep the heart of your home safe from fire damage by incorporating the above tips. In addition, install and maintain a smoke detector near the kitchen. If a fire happens, the alarm alerts you to leave the house and call 911. After the fire is out, call your insurance agency and a fire restoration specialist to return your home to preloss condition. Visit for more information on fire damage. 

How to Clean Your Microwave

11/24/2019 (Permalink)

Closeup of hand in protective glove wiping rag microwave. View from the interior of the oven Clean your microwave

How to Clean Your Microwave

Microwaves are a super convenient way to warm up food quickly. Even a frozen item can be hot and ready to eat in a matter of minutes. However, you might notice a smoke smell after using it for a while. This is typically a sign it's time to clean it out. It may seem like a daunting task, but there are a few things you can do to make it quick and easy.

Take Advantage of the Heat

The main purpose of microwaves is to heat food quickly, and you can use this to your advantage to clean it easily. Heat does several things:

  • Produces a humid environment
  • Loosens stuck on food
  • Disinfects the surfaces
  • Eliminates smoke smell

Before you start the process of cleaning, get a microwavable cup and fill it with vinegar. Put it in your microwave and nuke it for a few minutes. Once you do that, it will likely only take a couple minutes to completely wipe it out.

Use the Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher, you can use it to clean your microwave plate. Simply get the majority of the stuck on food off, and stick it in. Most of these plates are safe for the dishwasher, since they are able to withstand high temperatures. The dishwasher is a great way to get the plate clean again.

Don't Forget the Vent Grill

The microwave's vent grill should be cleaned as well. This can typically be achieved with a damp cloth with vinegar sprayed on it. You might need to use several cloths depending on how dirty it is.
These tips can help prevent smoke smell, and can also prevent a fire. Dealing with a fire in Redlands, CA can be a nightmare, and it can take a long time to get things back to normal, even when hiring fire damage repair specialists. Keep your family safe by regularly cleaning your microwave.

Candles Are a Serious Safety Hazard

10/12/2019 (Permalink)

Battery operated candle Battery-powered LED scented candles are already on the market

Throughout history, candles have caused home fires and other catastrophes. The electric light changed that. It put candles on the fast track to obsolescence. Battery-powered candle alternatives, like flashlights, should have marked the end of candle history. They did not.

Open Flames Are Always a Risk in the Home

Perhaps it is some primitive instinct that draws humans to candle fire. Whatever the reason, candles still find their ways into most Mentone,CA, houses. Following is a list of four uses of candles in the home along with flameless candle alternatives:

There is something special about a romantic candlelight dinner. No one knows why. Would anyone notice if a battery-operated LED candle took the place of a real candle with a real flame? It might be interesting to find out.
Scented candles smell good but release toxins into the air. Not surprisingly, battery-powered LED scented candles are already on the market. If your interest is aromatherapy, battery-operated essential oil diffusers are also available.
Birthday candles are a tradition based on the attraction to fire. In a room full of onlookers, these aren’t much of a problem. However, when it’s a 50th birthday party and someone insists on lighting 50 candles, prepare for a smoke alarm to go off. There are plenty of excellent ways to decorate a cake that don’t require flames.
Candles used during power outages are the biggest culprits. People often light these candles and walk away. Unattended candles pose the highest risk of a house fire. High-efficiency battery-powered LED lights are bright, inexpensive and are readily available in the checkout lanes of grocery and hardware stores.

Using safe candle alternatives to eliminate burning candles in your home is always a good idea. However, they will not eliminate the risk of fire. If you experience a house fire of any kind, know that there are local fire damage remediation experts ready to step in and help with the recovery. All it takes is a single phone call.

Is Fire Damage Covered by Property Insurance?

10/3/2019 (Permalink)

Pitch black room with smoke rising. Insufficient commercial insurance coverage could potentially result in the death of your business.

Is Fire Damage Covered by Property Insurance?
A fire at your business in Redlands, CA could be devastating. You want to feel confident that your commercial insurance coverage for fire damage is sufficient. Fortunately, if you have property insurance fire damage is ordinarily covered. Here are three types of fire damage that your property insurance might cover:

1. Damage Caused Directly by the Fire

This includes burnt material, ash, smoke, and soot. Each type of fire damage requires a different cleaning process. Many commercial insurance plans will cover the charges for cleanup by a fire restoration company. Experts in this field can make sure your property is restored and back up to code.

2. Damage Caused by Fire Suppression Materials

Water can often be more damaging and extensive than the fire itself. Extinguishing the fire usually means that damage will not be limited to the area of the fire. Fire extinguishers, water sprinklers, and hoses can all cause damage ranging from mold growth to structural weakness.
3. Fire Department Service Fees

Typically fire departments are supported through local taxes. Some rural localities are subscription-based with yearly membership fees. It’s a good idea to check this before choosing your commercial insurance policy to make sure you are covered in some form.

Commercial property insurance is designed to cover damage to buildings and their contents, including furniture, equipment, inventory and machinery. Other physical assets of the business directly used for business purposes are also normally covered, even vehicles in some instances. Usually, policies will cover fire damage due to a lightning strike, accidental explosion and some natural disasters.

Although property insurance covers a lot, there will be exclusions. Two of them could be damaged by personal property or damaged property not owned by the business. Arson, as well as natural disasters such as earthquakes, could very well be two occurrences that won’t be covered. Also, non-tangible factors such as profit loss will not be covered.

Insufficient commercial insurance coverage could potentially result in the death of your business. Take a look at risk versus affordability when speaking with your agent about coverages.

Tips for Reducing Kitchen Fires by Cooking Safely

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

Kitchen fire in a Yucaipa, CA home

Cooking provides nourishment for our bodies, entertainment for our friends and comfort for our families. The kitchen is the heart of many homes and a place where people love to gather while they talk and share a meal. Yet kitchen fires occur with startling frequency – about 164,500 annually in residences across the nation, including in Yucaipa, CA. You can still enjoy cooking for yourself, family and friends without fear of fire damage by observing the tips below.

Tips for Avoiding Fire in the Kitchen

Simple habits such as turning pan handles toward the back, keeping children away from knobs and controls, and using a timer so you don’t overcook and burn food or pans are good common sense. Here are a few more you should learn:

Never overheat oil or grease, or leave it unattended in case of a grease fire
Make sure no towels, hot pads, curtains, wooden spoons, etc., can come in contact with a hot burner or pan
Never leave a burner or hot plate turned on when you leave the kitchen
When lighting a burner or pilot light on a gas range use caution and follow manufacturers instructions
Keeping the lid of a pan or a cookie sheet handy to smother flames if a fire should break out can help prevent the need for a larger fire cleanup.

Additional Help
It is also a good idea to keep discarded boxes and bags from mixes, pasta, and other packaged food cleaned up and away from your hot stove top and pans. Wipe up oil or grease spills immediately – Even a small oil spill can catch fire on a hot burner.

In the event a fire does break out in your kitchen, get help with fire damage cleanup from a fire restoration service in Yucaipa, CA. They can help ensure that fire, smoke and soot damage are cleaned up entirely.

A pattern of careful habits can create a lifetime of more worry free cooking. Don’t become a statistic – learn to make the following tips a regular part of your cooking experience and avoid fire damage.

4 Pointers for Home Fire Escape Plans

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

If the first fire escape is blocked by fire or smoke, family members will need a second way out

Home Fire Escape Plans

A home fire escape plan starts with identifying primary and secondary evacuation routes from every room of a residence. Occupants should attempt these routes to ensure that an emergency escape plan is feasible. These pointers are intended to help homeowners create an escape plan that can prevent injuries and save lives if a fire breaks out at a residence in Yucaipa, CA.

1. Use a Floorplan

Start planning escape routes using an accurate floorplan. A top-down view can make it easier to identify direct routes. The only way to make sure that these paths are actually practical is to attempt every course prior to a fire.

2. Test Routes

Once you have primary and secondary routes from every room, it is time to test the plan. If furniture or other large contents block the most direct routes, you may want to rearrange the layout to facilitate fire escape.

3. Do Drills

It is important to train every occupant on the fire escape plan. Schedule fire drills several times a year that include safe movement methods such as bed rolls, door checks and fire crawls. Residents should also practice evacuating pets.

4. Prepare Important Materials

The best way to make sure everything you need is ready to go is to gather documents in a fire-safe box near an external door. These documents may include deeds and homeowners insurance policy documents as well as medical records or other important papers.

These pointers are intended to guide homeowners and residents as they make plans to safely escape a residential fire in Yucaipa, CA. Any complete fire escape plan should take into account the real challenges of navigating a space and the physical abilities and limitations of each occupant. The safety of every resident is the primary concern. Any damage to building materials can be mitigated and restored by a cleanup and rebuilding service.

3 Potential Effects of a Lightning Strike to Your Home

1/15/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a Redlands, CA home

3 Main Issues to Watch for If Your House Is Struck During a Storm

Lightning occurs when electrical charges during a storm try to reach the ground. If the charges try to get there by way of your home in Redlands, CA, you may experience a few problems. Lightning fire, among other issues, can cause severe damage to your home. Here are three main issues to watch for if your house is struck during a storm.

1. Damaged Pipes

Water conducts electricity well, so a strike on or near your home may channel the current through the pipes in an effort to reach the ground. There is the potential for dangerous electric shock for anyone using water coming from electrified pipes. If there is a storm in the area, it is wise to refrain from the following activities:

  • Taking a shower
  • Doing laundry
  • Washing dishes
  • Washing hands

2. House Fire

Your home can catch fire if lightning strikes it. A lightning fire can start at the point of contact but can quickly spread through flammable materials as the current tries to ground. If it comes into contact with flammable gas, an explosion could occur, intensifying the fire danger. Replacing the traditional shingles on your roof with metal roofing or adding a lightning rod can safeguard your home from fire damage.

3. Electrical Damage

A charge that big can give your home’s electrical system quite a surge. It can blow fuses and damage equipment that is plugged into any affected wiring. Avoid contact with wires during a storm. While fire restoration experts may be able to fix some damaged items, it is also a good idea to unplug any electronic equipment that you can during a storm. Doing so may not just save your equipment; it could also prevent a house fire caused by damaged wiring.

You may not be able to control the weather, but you can protect your home and family from the threat of a lightning fire during a storm. By taking a few precautions, you can decrease your chances of these dangers.

How To Avoid Space Heater Fires

10/18/2018 (Permalink)

Stay warm with your space heater through the cold, fall and winter in Mentone,CA

As a homeowner in Mentone,CA, the last thing you want to worry about during chilly seasons is a burned space heater. It can be hard to remember to carefully operate and maintain such a device when you are just focused on staying warm. Here are three safety tips that can help you be better prepared to keep the unit and your home free from fires.

1. Avoid Overheating

Do not plug multiple devices or an extension cord into the same outlet where the heater is plugged in. This could cause the devices, cords or outlet to overheat, creating a fire risk. It is a good idea to plug the unit into an otherwise empty power outlet to avoid a burned space heater.

2. Turn It Off

If you are not using your space heater, make sure to turn it off and unplug it. Consider doing this anytime you leave the room or go to sleep for the night. Pull the plug straight out of the socket and check it for any damage. If damage is found, dispose of the unit and purchase a new one.

3. Leave Ample Space

Leave a space of three or more feet around the heater to account for pets, children and combustible materials found in the room. It is also important to never use a space heater in a child’s room. Often, kids may not understand the fire danger involved and may not be able to properly inspect a unit for damage or other issues. This could potentially lead to a fire in your Mentone,CA, home.

Take these three safety tips seriously and try to remember them to have a greater chance of avoiding a burned space heater and the smoke cleanup that could result from it. Then you can focus on staying warm and cozy through the cold fall and winter months.

SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa Provides Power Washing and Pressure Cleaning Services

9/28/2018 (Permalink)

Cleaning a roof after a fire damage in Redlands, CA

Is your home or property in need of a good wash? Do you have unsightly staining or mold? We are here to help! Whether you have a large commercial property or a residential home, we have exactly the right treatment for you!

Being a family owned and operated business, we understand the importance of commitment and care. Our experience and trained technicians arrive at each and every job prepared to give you the best possible treatment available.

Our specialized treatments are formulated to clean almost any surface that you may need taken care of. We can clean pool aprons, tennis courts, vinyl, aluminum, stucco, EIFS, brick and stone siding, paver patios and walks, rust stains, algae streaks, roof treatments and so much more!

Give us a call at the office to speak with our staff about your needs.

Experience the innovative difference and prepare to be WOW-ed!

What Insurance Considers Covered As Fire Damage

9/3/2018 (Permalink)

Kitchen fire damage in a Mentone, CA home

After a fire hits your business in Mentone, CA, insurance is the first company contacted. It may not be entirely clear what is covered under a normal fire damage policy. While it does vary, most commercial insurance policies tend to follow typical guidelines regarding coverage.

Standard Types of Fire Insurance

Insurance companies offer coverage of varying extents depending on the policy held. There are three different tiers of coverage:

  • Special coverage is the most extensive and expensive. It excludes certain losses from coverage rather than establishing what is covered. Anything not listed as an exclusion is covered under this policy.
  • Broad policies offer coverage for direct fire-related issues alongside an additional layer of extra coverage. This includes external secondary damage like water or chemical damage from the fire department’s dousing.
  • Basic policies are the most minimalistic. It only covers fire damage that is explicitly stated in the policy.

Evaluating Damage and Repairing What Is Found

An insurance company will initially send out an insurance adjuster to scope out the damaged property. All damage verified as directly correlated to the fire will be covered, aside from arson. This includes smoky or burnt furniture, electronics, water damage from sprinklers and burnt structure pieces.

To treat the damage, insurance companies can work with a specialty restoration company to quickly start the process of restoring the building to its former state. You have influence in which company is used, and you can guide your insurance by evaluating these companies yourself.

Prevent Repairs by Being Prepared

Fire mitigation is the most effective way to save money when dealing with an unfortunate fire. Having a written plan and preparing your business with training can save you from having insurance involved in minor damage. Additionally, insurance looks favorably upon preventative measures and could adjust what’s offered accordingly.

Your business depends upon insurance and proactive measures to stop fire damage from causing significant financial harm. Knowing what your policy offers is vital. After all, a temporary closure from an insurance repair is better than an unexpected permanent one.

Light Your Home Safely

5/10/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you experience fire damage.

During the winter holiday season, the days grow shorter and families in Redlands, CA gather indoors and enjoy the warm glow and assorted fragrances from decorative candles. While candlelight is certainly beautiful, candles can be extremely dangerous – common mistakes like falling asleep while candles are still lit or placing combustible materials too close to an open flame can lead to a candle fire. It has been reported that, in fact, December is the worst month for home candle fires, with New Year’s Day and Christmas tragically at the top of the list. Fortunately, candle alternatives provide another way to light and scent your home.

Other Ways To Illuminate

There are many different ways to brighten your home and make it smell great without the risk of a house fire. These alternative options will keep on glowing long after a traditional candle would have burned out. Here are a few possibilities:

• Battery-operated candles. Often made of wax and offering a realistic flicker, this flame-free option looks and acts like the original but with none of the risk. You can find these in a variety of fragrances and even additional features like a remote control and a timer.
• Candle warmers. These candle alternatives will heat up a real candle without needing to light a match. Available as a plate that goes under the candle or a lamp that shines down on it, the heat from the device will warm the wax just enough to bring out its scent. The lamp version can provide a nice glow of light as well.
• Fairy lights. These tiny, stringed LED lights can be used to brighten up any room in the house. Usually battery-powered, they even can be placed safely in a display jar for an additional decorative touch.

Bask in the Glow

If your home should be affected by a fire, fortunately there are fire restoration professionals available day and night to help you clean up. However, you can help keep trouble at bay with flameless candle alternatives that will safely keep your home well-lit and smelling sweet. Visit for more information on fire damage

Learn How To Properly Prevent a Cigarette Fire From Happening in Your Home

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

If you smoke cigarettes, it’s important for you to know how to prevent a cigarette fire from taking place in your home. It may seem like something that is preventable, but people have lost their lives due to fires that were started by a cigarette or the ash it leaves behind. There are three steps you should follow if you want to stay safe in Redlands, CA.

1. Don’t smoke in your bed. If you’re feeling tired and want to have a quick smoke, you may normally sit in bed with the ashtray and take a few puffs. This is a dangerous game to play because if you’re too exhausted, you could pass out on the bed with a lit cigarette in your hand that could end up causing a massive cigarette fire. If you’re going to smoke, make sure you’re not doing it in your bed.
2. Don’t use a traditional ashtray. A lot of people think ashtrays are safe to use, but they do pose some serious risks. In some cases, the ash doesn’t go out and ends up spreading even further, creating an ashtray fire. It’s better to smoke outside or to dump your ashes in water as soon as you’re done smoking so that you know everything is put out.
3. Take the cigarette outside. Rather than smoking in your home and dealing with the odor and all the potential risks, stand on your porch or sit in your backyard when smoking. It’s the absolute best way for you to prevent a cigarette fire in the home.

Many people have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a fire caused by a cigarette. Those people may have needed help from a professional fire cleanup company to salvage their belongings and restore their homes. If you want to prevent a cigarette fire, don’t smoke in bed, don’t use an ashtray, and simply smoke while you’re outside instead of inside the home in Redlands, CA.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

4 Recommended Safety Precautions for Cleaning Your Home After a Fire

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

4 Recommended Safety Precautions for Cleaning Your Home After a Fire

Homes in Redlands, California that experience fires can become filled with smoke and burning embers of debris. After the flames are put out, smoke damage often remains that has a bad smell and ruins the look of your property. Cleaning your home can expose you to harmful fumes. Four specific safety precautions should be taken during a clean-up.

1. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Fresh air inside your home makes breathing easier. Open as many windows as you can and bring a small fan into the room you're concentrating on. Good air circulation helps clear your residence of lingering smoke and odor.

2.Don't Sleep in Your Home

It may be tempting to stay in your home during a cleanup. However, the unpleasant fumes aren't safe even if you're sleeping in a room that wasn't affected by the fire. Consider staying in a hotel or friend's house until you're completely finishing smoke cleaning.

3.Wear Safety Clothing

Nothing that has soot damage should be touched with your bare hands. Wear gloves as well as old clothing you don't mind getting dirty. Preferably, the sleeves and pants should cover as much of your body as possible. In addition, safety goggles are a great way protect your eyes from contamination as you're scrubbing ceilings and walls.

4.Consult With a Professional

It can be overwhelming figuring out the extent of the damage to your home, which cleaning chemicals to use and how to repair the damage in an efficient way. Fire restoration experts in Redlands, California can restore your home to top condition. Instead of laboring with minimal knowledge, you can rely on skilled professionals who can fix almost any problem.

Smoke damage doesn't have to be dangerous to clean. With the right approach, you can make your home suitable for living in no time. These four tips can be beneficial in ensuring you're not putting your health at risk during the cleanup process. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Commercial Fire Damage Options

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Damage Options

Commercial fire damage is very difficult to get rid of on your own, especially when the fire damage was quite extensive. One of the main issues with hiring a fire restoration expert is that there are many different options available to you. After all, after the firefighters and fire trucks as well as the fire hoses are gone, you are left with a home or business that is totally riddled with both smoke damage and a lot of soot damage as well.

Whether you recently dealt with an electrical fire or utility room fire, it is absolutely imperative that you make the decision to hire a fire restoration expert. The fire restoration experts can easily install a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system into your home or business. This fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system is essential for preventing a fire from getting too out of hand. You may also talk to firefighters who acknowledge that these fire suppression systems are incredibly important for the average home and business.

Because fire damage can be so detrimental to your home or commercial business, a fire restoration expert is there to take the guesswork out of repair for you. Not only do they take care of the smoke damage that has been left behind, but they will also take care of any soot damage that has become a problem within the business itself. Whether you recently dealt with an electrical fire or utility room fire, it is nice to know that commercial fire damage professionals are there to take the guesswork out of repairing for you.

Once the firefighters have left with their fire trucks and fire hoses, you need a professional fire damage expert to come in and take care of the smoke damage for you. They will also do a very good job of getting rid of any soot damage that is left behind. They can also install a fire suppression system for you which allows you to finally have a fire sprinkler system in the home or business that works well for you. Fire damage and the resulting soot damage and smoke damage can be incredibly problematic for just about anyone involved.

Not only will you want to get the firefighters in with their fire hoses and fire trucks, but you are going to want to invest in good quality fire suppression options as well as a fire sprinkler system for the home or business. This is ideal for anyone who has ever dealt with an electrical fire or utility room fire themselves. Commercial fire damage should never be dealt with on your own, simply because you do not have the correct materials to get it done. Sure, you have just recently had the firefighters come in with their fire hoses and fire trucks, but you need a professional to take care of the commercial fire damage for you.

Electrical fires and utility room fires need to be dealt with by the experts. They are the only ones who will be able to come in and do the repair work professionally and without any issues involved. This is something that you will definitely need to see as an option for yourself when trying to get help after a fire has ravished your home. If you have a company, you absolutely need to hire the professionals so that you can get everything back to working order and have your clients come back to bring you a revenue. You should never waste your time trying to clean up after a fire when you can definitely have a professional there to help out with everything that needs to be done. If you have some type of insurance, you can even have them pay for the option for you. This saves you a lot of time and money because you have somebody else paying for the repair work for you as well.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

How to Overcome Fire Damage

8/22/2017 (Permalink)

How to Overcome Fire Damage

You don't know how it happened. One moment, you were enjoying your life to the fullest, then everything was turned upside down when a fire tore its way through your home or business. Now you find yourself living with fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage. You may have water damage on top of it all once the fire department leaves. The heavy smoke smell is weighing down on you. You are overwhelmed by the extent of residential or commercial fire damage. You're ready to throw your hands up in surrender, board up the windows, and give up after you have been traumatized by a fire in the home or a fire in the business. Fire damage is enough to upset anyone. You can't handle this kind of a problem on your own. You need professionals. Your restoration company will be able to take care of every aspect of fire cleanup and fire damage restoration.

Erasing the Damage After Fire in the Home or Fire in the Business

When you are hit with residential or commercial fire damage, the smoke smell is in every room. The fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage may be contained in one room or it may be extensive. There will be loss of valuables. You may be overcome with sorrow as special keepsakes are now only a memory. If you have a business, you may be experiencing a major loss in finances due the damages. The effects of residential or commercial fire damage can be staggering. When you are staring at all of the signs of fire damage, it can be hard to catch your breath. A restoration company is your go-to source for assistance when you are in need of fire cleanup and fire damage restoration services.

Board Up and Let the Cleanup Process Begin

A restoration company has extensive training to take care of every aspect of your fire damage restoration. The process begins by an evaluation of the job ahead. While you know there is a smoke smell that won't go away, your restoration company will be able to assess the extent of soot damage, smoke damage, and fire damage that has taken place when you have fire in the home or fire in the business. You are likely to have windows that were broken by the intense blast of heat or during the efforts from the fire department to extinguish the fire. You may have gaps in the roof. Some of the interior walls could be compromised. Your restoration company will board up the windows, support any walls that have been weakened, and cover any openings in the roof. When your restoration company takes the step to board up the property, it will protect it from storm damage. You can also rest assured that your property won't be at risk from intruders.

Let the Cleanup Begin

Your restoration professionals know all the ins and outs of fire cleanup. They have chemicals, equipment, and experience you can trust. They can handle smoke damage, soot damage, and fire damage. They know how to get rid of that smoke smell that is a horrible reminder of something you would much rather forget. A fire in the home or a fire in the business is traumatizing, but your restoration professionals know how to effectively resolve residential or commercial fire damage. They'll clean every surface, including upholstery, carpeting, walls, floors, and the ceiling. Once intense cleaning is completed, they will sanitize as well. Fire cleanup clears the way for fire damage restoration.

Restoration is the Last Step

After your restoration professionals have taken care of the cleanup, they will move on to the restoration process. Drywall, fresh paint, new carpeting, and any building repairs will be performed in order to help you to get back to normal. Once fire damage restoration is completed from your restoration professionals, everything will be as good as new.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Great Fire Damage Restoration Advice

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

Great Fire Damage Restoration Advice

After a fire in home or fire in business, property owners are left with many worries, questions, and sometimes, a bit of despair. Fire damage can certainly cause an array of emotions, but knowing that fire damage professionals are on the way adds some assurance to the day.

A restoration company employees knowledgeable, certified fire damage restoration experts who quickly respond to a fire in business or fire in home needs. The fire cleanup experts provide services including smoke smell removal, soot damage and smoke damage restoration, water removal, and more. While it's reassuring to know the restoration company is there, many property owners find themselves wondering the right steps to take next.

Here are a few fire damage restoration tips that can help you get back to normal after a fire in home or a fire in business. Although it seems that all hope is lost after this event, you'll soon find that fire cleanup was easier than you imagined, and that you made a full recovery.

Board Up Service

The fire damage restoration team provides an array of services after commercial fire damage or a fire in home. Deodorization for smoke smell removal is one service you'll likely need, along with board up service. When asked if you want this service, say yes! Board up service covers the windows and doors of your home or business, minimizing dangers and health concerns since the smoke smell and soot damage are contained. Intruders cannot enter the building after board up, further improving safety.

Don't Overlook Damages During Fire Cleanup

Although the fire isn't burning, there are still many dangers left behind. Often, property owners fail to realize the extent of the damage, and the risks that lie within their building. Overlooking damages is cause for concern because your health, safety, and overall well-being are at-risk. To ensure that you aren't overlooking damages, keep these things in mind:

- Food left behind after a fire should be thrown away immediately. Soot damage and smoke damage expose the food to toxins and change the taste and flavor. Toss these items in the trash.

- The smoke smell and smoke damage cause breathing problems for many property owners after commercial fire damage or a fire in home. Do not re-enter a building without proper authorization from fire department officials, and go inside wearing protective masks to minimize the risks.

- Clothing, furniture, and similar items can also be hazardous after a fire. The items should be properly cleaned before using again. If any items are questionable due to soot damage or smoke damage, toss them because its simply not worth the risk.

Use Fans & Dehumidifiers for Fire Damage

Before the restoration company arrives to start the fire damage restoration process, placing fans and dehumidifiers inside the building can minimize the damage caused by water and remove some of the smoke smell. The restoration professionals will likely add a fan and dehumidifier during fire cleanup if you do not. If you're going back inside the building after residential or commercial fire damage, consider the use of one or both these items.

Stay Out!

Although you may wish to re-enter the building after a fire in business, the fire damage is a threat even when the flames are extinguished. When you re-enter the building, do so for only a short time and minimize traffic to the location. Board up of the doors and windows is a service offered from the restoration company that many people utilize after commercial fire damage or a fire in home. Board up along these areas minimizes damage and helps keep outsiders in their place. Soot damage and smoke damage are both inside the building after a fire, and each can cause serious effects to your health.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Steps to Removing Smoke Odors After a Fire

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Steps to Removing Smoke Odors After a Fire

Whether it's a fire in home or fire in business situation, the smoke smell left behind can linger for days and even weeks. That odor can penetrate deep into your nasal tissues and make it hard for you to catch your breath. Those odors can even bring back bad memories of that fire. To get rid of the smoke smell, you need to opt for fire damage restoration and hire professionals to help you with the fire cleanup after a fire in home or fire in business.

Remove Items for Cleaning

One of the first things that fire cleanup professionals will do is remove any items from the room or home that need cleaning. This can include mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture and even your kids' stuffed animals. If there is anything in the space not suffering from soot damage or smoke damage, professionals can safely store those things for you.

Removing Soot Damage

Soot damage is a type of residential or commercial fire damage that the fire left behind. This thick soot can look like dark streaks on the walls or floors and completely coat surfaces with a thick layer of black soot. Removing this type of fire damage often requires extensive cleaning. Fire damage professionals will do a thorough inspection to ensure that home is safe and habitable before doing any soot damage cleanup.

Fire in Home Evaluation

Part of the fire damage restoration process involves a deep evaluation of the home. Fire cleanup professionals will take the time to identify the cause of the fire and look at the smoke damage left behind. This is an important step in the fire cleanup process because it ensures that there is not any significant damage to the structure that needs fixed before the fire cleanup can begin.

Cleaning Walls and Floors

Whether dealing with residential or commercial fire damage, these professionals will clean both the walls and the floors. The smoke smell and smoke damage caused by that fire can penetrate inside those surfaces and cause the odor to stick around long after the fire is out. Experts generally use chemicals that are safe for both pets and small children. They may also use specially made deodorizers designed for use after a fire in home or fire in business that neutralize the scents left behind.

Specially Treated Surfaces

If you ever experienced a fire in business or home before and tried to clean it up on your own, you likely found that the smell lingered for a long time. This is because you do not have access to the same tools and supplies as fire damage professionals do. The professionals you hire can treat your walls, floors and even ceilings with products that work like sealants. These products actually lock the odors and keep those scents from taking over your home or commercial property.

For Commercial Fire Damage

Fire damage restoration experts use many of the same procedures and steps when dealing with commercial fire damage. A fire can break out in a commercial building because of faulty wiring, an electronic that overheats or a sprinkler system that doesn't kick on when a fire spreads from another building. Fire cleanup professionals both evaluate and inspect the structure to look for any repairs that you need to do first before taking care of the smoke damage. Your building may need a total emptying of all the furniture, decorations, office supplies and stock that you have before cleaning begins.

The smoke smell left behind after a fire can bring up traumatic memories in your mind and make you want to spend less time at home or work. Fire damage restoration experts have all the tools and experience necessary to eliminate those odors. Once you experience any type of fire in any type of building, call a trustworthy fire damage cleanup company to help you remove soot, smoke and other types of damage. Visit for more information on fire damage.

An Overview of the Fire Damage Restoration Process

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An Overview of the Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire breakouts can occur any time and no matter the degree of preparedness a home or business has put in place, infernos cause huge damages. Fire damage is a devastating blow to any business or home. Fire in home or fire in business not only destroys property but also results in smoke smell, soot damage, smoke damage and water damage from all the fire-fighting efforts. After the fire is put off, the next course of action is the fire cleanup process. The fire damage restoration process is best left to the experts as it is calls for professional skills. It is only these professionals who can carry out the service in a fast and professional manner in order to mitigate continued losses for businesses on top of the commercial fire damage they initially suffered. Here is a brief overview of the whole restoration process after a fire breakout in residential or commercial premises.

Notifying the Insurers

In case of a fire in home incident, the insurers ought to be duly notified first. In the case of a fire in business where the owner is a tenant in a building, it would be prudent to inform the premises proprietor in order for the fire damage assessment to be carried out jointly. This allows for the comprehensive assessment of the situation in a home as well as the degree of commercial fire damage. The insurance inspector notes all the damages to the property and goods. They then recommend a competent fire restoration agency.

Inspection and Assessment of the Fire Damage

A professional fire damage restoration company carefully inspects and tests the entire area and all the adjoining rooms of the affected property. This is necessary in determining the full extent of the fire damage, soot damage, smoke damage and the smoke smell present in the gutted property. This is a crucial stage as it enables the company in developing a fire cleanup plan.

Roof-tarp and Board-Up Services

Commercial fire damage causes a lot of damage to roofs, windows and walls thereby compromising the security of a building. In order to beef up security and protect the building from further damage, the first plan of action involves boarding up the affected windows and placing tarps on the damaged roofs. This guarantees a smooth fire cleanup exercise on the gutted property.

Removal of Water and Drying the Premises

When fire in home or fire in business incidents break out, firefighters use water as a means of putting off the fierce flames. This can result in water damage and hence the need for its removal. Air movers and dehumidifiers are necessary for removing the excess water from the property as well as speeding up the drying process.

Soot Damage and Smoke Damage in the Building Surfaces

Fire accidents bring about a lot of soot damage on the building surfaces due to the excess smoke produced during the inferno. Smoke smell and smoke damage are other common occurrences after fire breaks out inside a building and they ought to be cleared for complete restoration. The fire damage restoration service providers use special techniques and equipment to completely remove the soot and smoke present on walls, ceilings and various other surfaces. The smoke smell is eradicated using fogging equipment and air scrubbers.


Finally, restoring the building and all non-damaged items forms the last step of the fire damage restoration process. Restoration involves minor repairs and replacements of affected structures, recarpeting and painting the home. In case of extensive commercial fire damage, the restoration process will involve the reconstruction of various areas or parts of the business.

Final Words

All of the above are the important stages in a fire damage restoration process. Fire in business requires a faster response by hiring a seasoned commercial fire damage restoration company. This will get the business up and running in no time. A competent company will help in dealing with the whole fire cleanup process and filing of the necessary insurance claims for fire in home or commercial premises. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Cleanup Support from the Fire Damage Restoration Professionals

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Cleanup Support from the Fire Damage Restoration Professionals

Whether in is fire in home or fire in business damage, every situation is unique and requires a professional fire cleanup team that can be on the site quickly to restore the property to before fire condition. The fire loss restoration team are skilled at locating soot damage, fire damage, smoke damage, and analyzing air quality concerns. These fire loss issues need to be addressed in a timely manner of a bad situation gets worse. Here is how the fire damage restoration team will help with the fire cleanup in your location.

Rest assured knowing that whether fire in business or fire in home damage, the call center is available 24 hours a day to help with your fire cleanup needs. Soon after you call, an inspection and fire damage assessment crew will be dispatched to your location to immediately get started. The team will locate the soot damage, fire damage, and smoke damage, check air quality, and start working on developing a plan of action.

It doesn't matter if it's fire in business or fire in home issues, the fire loss restoration team will secure the location first. If fire damage occurred with doors and windows, they will be boarded up. If the rood was compromised, a tarp will be installed by the fire cleanup team.

When we are talking about commercial fire damage, the fire cleanup process can be even more involved. First, the commercial fire damage team needs to check for soot damage and smoke damage that may have effected machinery and equipment. The commercial fire damage restoration team needs to inspect for fire damage, soot damage, smoke damage, and then make sure the air quality is normal before anyone is allowed back in the building. These locations can be quite large, so the commercial fire damage team needs to get working as quickly as possible to get the business back to the condition before the fire loss.

Perhaps the most important part of the fire damage cleanup, removal of water. Whether fire in business or fire in home damage, excess water is already causing more damage and could lead to mold growth, The fire loss restoration team will remove the majority of the water, then use high-powered air movers to get the rest of the water from behind walls or in difficult locations. Once the drying process is complete, the fire damage restoration team will begin cleaning and sanitizing the location.

Fire in business or fire in home damage can vary from location to location, but the fire cleanup team is busy now addressing soot damage and smoke damage. The fire loss restoration experts will use specialized equipment for removing smoke and soot damage from the ceilings, walls, and machinery. The fire cleanup team will concentrate on removing odors to improve air quality issues.

The air quality has to be monitored by professionals so not to put anyone's health at risk. To restore air quality, the commercial fire damage team uses industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Fire Damage And Removal For Your House

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Fire Damage And Removal For Your House

Fire damage in a home is a terrible thing to endure, and the fire loss must be repaired as soon as possible. There are many different people who will see soot damage and smoke damage in the house that must be removed, and they will notice there are many fire cleanup items that may be used. Air quality in the house will improve, and the homeowner will feel better breathing in the space. Commercial fire damage, fire in home, fire in business and other things may be handled to help the building stand as it did in the past. This article explains how the fire damage or commercial fire damage may be repaired to ensure air quality improves after soot damage or smoke damage.

#1: What Is Soot Damage And Smoke Damage?

Soot damage and smoke damage will stick to the walls, and it must be scrubbed by the fire cleanup crew. The fire cleanup crew knows what to do to help the family bring their house back from the verge of falling apart. Soot damage and smoke damage will leave the air in the house smelling terrible, and fire loss will continue to cause problems until it has been cleaned.

#2: Testing For Air Quality

The fire cleanup crew will begin to test for air quality, and they will find fire in home and fire in business problems that are hard to repair. They will discover many different things that must be resolved, and they will notice it is easy to repair after the fire loss. It may look terrible today, and commercial fire damage may be removed while there are other repairs done in the space.

#3: Fire Damage And Fire Loss Problems

Fire damage is much easier to repair when the fire cleanup crew will start a plan for fire in home or fire in bsuiness problems. Fire in home requires a light touch, and fire in business problems require a large team of people to help. The problems are tackled by the number of people required to handle the fire loss. They will have a number of tools that are used to clear out water and handle commercial fire damage.

#4: Fire In Business

Fire in business and air quality go hand in hand as the two must be managed properly. The business cannot open until all the commercial fire damage protocols have been met, and it is important to have all fire damage repaired to ensure the building does not look as though it has burned.

Fire in home problems are repaired in the same manner, and someone who is afraid of entering their home must check for the way the crew has repaired their home. The house must smell appropriate on the inside, and it must feel much better for the family to rest in. Health problems will abound if the house has not been repaired correctly, and the mitigation company will respond in any emergency to give the house a chance of recovering. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Fire Loss Cleanup in Redlands, CA

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Fire Loss Cleanup in Redlands, CA

Property owners in Redlands California in areas such as the strip will want to do everything they can to preserve the air quality. By having good air quality, a number of residents in Redlands California will be in position to live in a community that is clean and safe.

However, there are times when properties incur damage from things such as a fire. As a result of a property catching fire, it can incur water damage. As a result of the water damage from fire, property owners on the strip will need to clean it up immediately. Fortunately for property owners in this area, they can enlist the services of a home restoration company in order to minimize and repair the water damage from fire.

For property owners in communities such as Yucaipa CA, the result of a fire can lead to smoke damage. With smoke damage, a property will begin to deteriorate from the fumes and properties caused by smoke. As well getting damaged from smoke, properties in Yucaipa CA can also incur soot damage. Similar to smoke, soot damage can eventually break down the structure of a property and eventually cause the property to collapse. As a result, it will be in any property owner’s best interest to contact a home restoration company whenever they notice considerable damage caused by a fire.

One of the biggest hazards that any property owner can encounter is a fire. When a fire occurs, the flames will emit hazardous fumes as well as causing damage to the structure of a given property. Fire damage is quite severe and will likely lead to various structures of the property to begin crumbling. Another thing that fire damage can do is cause significant damage to fixtures such as the furnace. As a result, fires can present a great danger to property owners. Since fires can cause significant damage to any property both during and after it occurs, it will be important to get fire cleanup. A home restoration company that specializes in fire cleanup will help property owners eliminate the fumes, get rid of debris and help restore the overall condition of the property after a fire occurs.

Whenever a property owner encounters a fire, they will want to contact a home restoration company. With this type of company, property owners will be in position to get the help they need to restore their homes and buildings. One of the first things a home restoration company will do is talk to on the phone to discuss the nature of the damage. Property owners will then tell the company about the problems they are facing with their property. After the initial consultation, the home restoration property will then arrange for an appointment where a professional will come to your property.

Once a home restoration professional arrives at your property, they will first evaluate the extent of the damage. They will then begin cleaning up the property by eliminating debris and getting rid of the various fumes that the fire left. Home restoration professionals will then clean and sanitize the property to make it safe to be present in as well as providing advice on how to manage your property in case a fire occurs again. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Fire Loss Restoration in Redlands, CA

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Fire Loss Restoration in Redlands, CA

When fire damage strikes a home it often leaves smoke damage, water damage, soot, and other complications. After the fire trucks leave, home owners have to deal with water damage caused by putting out the fire. It leaves them in a stressful situation that disrupts their daily lives. Calling a professional service company to help with the damage is essential.

Service centers in Yucaipa CA are open 24 hours a day for customers convenience. Once the customers calls the staff responds immediately. The first step in fire restoration is testing your home for soot, water, and smoke damage. After that they will develop a plan that meets your individual needs. They custom design a fire restoration plan for the damage in your home or business.

The service professionals boards up windows or walls to prevent further damage. When the roof is damaged they place tarps to cover the damage. When you have severed water damage the staff uses air movers and dehumidifiers immediately to remove the water. This is one of the first steps in the fire restoration process to remove water damage from fire.

The next step is taking care of soot damage. The team will remove soot from your wall, furniture, and other surfaces. They have special equipment designed to do the job properly. Cleaning and sanitizing is accomplished by using a variety of equipment and procedures. They use industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment.

They provide services for the entire restoration process in Redlands and Yupica California. When they process water damage from fire they use equipment that detects hidden moisture and removes water fast. Sometimes, they remove furniture, and belongings and use infrared cameras to detect hidden water damage. After water removal they will control temperatures and use industrial dehumidfiers to remove and dry the room or area completely.

Sometimes carpets and upholstery have to be cleaned after a fire. The damage
is soiling and unpleasant odors. Sometimes there is a burnt odor the permeates the house and is not pleasant. They have several methods of cleaning that remove the odors and deep clean your upholstery and rugs. Hot water extraction is deep cleaning that gets to the root of the problem. When they pre-conditon and rinse carpets and upholstery this restores soiled areas. They have dry cleaning services when the color of the fabric is an issue.

Our services are available along The Strip too. Odor removal and deorodization is another service. The service has trained technicians that know how to properly detect odors and remove them properly. The science behind this process is complex and technicians need training to do the job right. Removing odors improves air quality in the home or business.

The fire cleanup service are staffed with trained professionals. Their team handles soot damage, water damage from fire, and smoke damage. The services are available on The Strip, Redlands, and Yucaipa California. These fire cleanup services improve air quality and the environment after a fire.

Fire cleanup after fire damage is essential to restore the home or business. Contact them to learn more about their CA fire restoration services today. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Handling a Fire Damage Case in Redlands, CA

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Handling a Fire Damage Case in Redlands, CA

If there is one thing residents of California and specifically Southern California, can expect now and then is they will be the beneficiary of an earthquake or major fire. Actually, over the past decades, a fire burning out of control, nearly destroyed everything in its path in the Santa Barbara area. Some folks in CA choose to blame Mother Nature or the ongoing draught for the fires, but any person with a dab of common sense might select an idiot who likes to see things burn and has no qualms about tossing a lighted smoke in a dry area.

Redlands is a large city near the I-15 and I-5 freeway intersect and is the key city that borders Banning, Yucaipa, Highland and North Redlands, CA called The Strip. It should be noted that if a large fire should occur, it would affect Yucaipa, CA, as well as the metro Redland area. It's nothing new to those long-time residents who live in The Strip. In terms of a boundary recently the Redland city fathers introduced and adopted an ordinance that targeted the safety and health of all its residents. Ergo, it is crucial that these residents be prepared to handle a fire emergency.

Here is what makes the Redland area a prime target for a major fire:

* Low amounts of rain during the season

* Very high temperatures during the summer

* High winds, commonly known as "Santa Ana Winds", that reach a speed of 40 miles per hour or more and move a fire 20 miles away form the original source. Those property owners who are not prepared for any type of emergency can look forward to some, in not all, of these fire losses in there home or business:

* Water damage and water damage from the fire

* Soot damage

* Smoke damage

* Extreme air quality making it hard to breathe

* Fire cleanup of fire damage you won't believe

Fire Is An Accident Of Extensive And Expensive Proportions

If you firmly believe that you won't see serious water damage, smoke damage, soot damage, serious water damage from the emergency services or limited water damage from the fire once it has been secured and safe, along with fire damage and any fire cleanup that will be involved, (think your home or office building burning to the ground) plus the air you'll be breathing in for days on end, you're just living in a fantasy world. The metro Southern California area is well known to be loaded with smog and has been the leader of dangerous air quality smog for years. So if you top that off with a fire, you would be best served to invest in a box of those oriental masks.

Note: Handling a fire loss in Redlands or Yucaipa please keep in mind that downed trees, power lines, utility poles and utility services can be the cause of adverse conditions you will face. Lines, impairment of emergency services, hospital and response times curtailed and delays in readily available vehicles non-existent. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Dryers Can Be Fire Starters

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One of the more surprising causes of fires that destroy or damage homes is clothing dryer machines.

Years ago, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found that clothing dryers accounted for an annual average of 10 deaths, 310 injuries and more than $80 million in property damage.

Here are some suggestions on keeping your dryer working properly - and safely.

 *The easiest, and admittedly most obvious, is to clean the dryer's lint trap after every use. Lint builds up with each new use, reducing the unit's efficiency, causing it to operate at elevated temperatures and potentially overheat.

*Use the dryer appropriately, and only put in items that are safe and approved to be dried in a dryer. If you're not sure about an item, make sure to check the item's washing instructions. If you're still not sure, go online and check out the manufacturer's website. Foam-backed rugs are one of the items not to place in your dryer. Sometimes, dry-cleaning solvents, which are flammable, become splashed onto items that you might consider placing in your dryer.

 *Use venting and ducting that are industry-standard, meaning they are made with rigid and/or flexible metal.

*Hire a professional cleaner annually to clean out the dryer and its venting system.

Make Sure Your Smoke Detectors Function Properly

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Are you sure all of your smoke detectors are working?

There’s few better ways to protect your home -- and even more importantly -- your loved ones inside, than having working smoke detectors.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), over a period from 2007-2011, three of every five home fire deaths were caused by fires in homes without smoke alarms or ones that were no longer working.

Most everyone knows what smoke detectors do (they alert occupants to smoke moving through a house), but often times we forget to make sure they are still in good working order. Because this is national Fire Prevention Week, the NFPA is focusing on smoke detectors to ensure homes and other structures are protected as best as they can be.

Fire officials recommend:

  1. Install smoke alarms in every bedroom. Also put them outside each sleeping area and on every level of your home.
  2. Inspect them once a month to ensure the battery hasn’t died.
  3. Replace them at least every ten years.

Here’s a great online quiz put together by the NFPA to make sure you understand everything you can about smoke detectors:

Please keep your families and your home safe. If your smoke detector is going off, get everyone out of the building and dial 911 for help. Be smart, and please, be safe.

Do you have an evacuation route planned?

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Three out of four Americans have taken the time to plan their escape route, but less than half have ever taken the time to actually practice it, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Please, have an escape plan and practice it. The time it takes is nothing when it comes to keeping your loves ones safe.

But today, we want to talk about the need for having an evacuation route for your family to be able to meet back up again in a safe location. Living here in Southern California means we always face some danger from wildfires, floods and earthquakes. Are you prepared to be able to meet up if we have a wildfire burn into an urban setting? That's exactly what happened in the 2003 Old Fire that destroyed nearly a thousand homes, many in San Bernardino. Or in 2010, major floods and mudslides shut down much of Highland, preventing people from getting home for a long time.

Here is what you need to do:

1) Have a designated place to meet. Somewhere with open space that is close to major roadways would be best.

2) Know how to get there from multiple directions. The most well-traveled route may not be passable.

3) Always keep your vehicle's fuel tank full. In times of emergency, refueling may be difficult to impossible. Lines at a gas station may be enormous, or, power to the gas station may be down, preventing you from fueling up.

4) Communication is critical but can be problematic in an emergency. Have a person outside of the area where you live be a central contact for everyone in your family. It's best to have a cell phone number for the contact because even when phone lines are overloaded, text messages are often more likely to go through. That also goes for communicating with your direct family - use text messaging if you need to reach them while heading to the designated meeting place.

5) If possible, bring your evacuation kit from home so you have supplies. And of course, don't forget your pets and whatever pet supplies you can bring for them!

No one likes to think about these sorts of things. But having a plan in place can go a long way toward dealing with the unfortunate realities if something catastrophic occurs.

For even more information on this subject, go to

Important Tips For Christmas Tree Safety

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Burning Christmas Tree

Did you know that Christmas trees are the cause of more than 200 structure fires a year?

Keep your home and family safe this holiday season by following these simple steps.

1. When picking a Christmas tree, choose one with fresh, green needles. The best way to check their dryness level is easy: just touch the needles. If they fall off, the tree is too dry already. If you’re going with an artificial tree, please make sure it’s fire retardant, which should be identified by the manufacturer. No label or identifying information? Choose another please.

2. Refresh the tree by making a fresh cut, taking one inch off the butt and immediately place in water. This improves water uptake and is especially important if the tree is purchased from a lot.

3. Water your tree daily. Southern California is a particularly dry area, and trees will go through the water you put into the stand pretty quickly.

4. Make sure you put the tree at least three feet away from heat or light sources, such as candles, fireplaces, radiators and heat vents.

5. Use indoor lights for the tree, and never leave your house or go to bed without turning them off first. Get rid of any strands of lights that have broken or damaged cords, and don’t connect more than three strands together.

After Christmas, it’s time to get the tree out of the house (and definitely once it starts losing needles). Don’t store it in your garage. Get it outside and check with your local municipality to see when they will come around to pick up and recycle the tree.

Lastly, make sure to enjoy these coming weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday! They can be stressful, but remember what they are about: you and your loved ones celebrating safely together!

Happy holidays from all of us at SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa

Jeff Padgett Aids in Clean Up of Local School Arson Fire

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Arson Fire in Modular Unit

In the early hours of Wednesday, March 18, 2015, a fire broke out at a local high school. Firefighters arrived on scene to find a school bus, a metal storage container and a classroom engulfed in flames. Once the flames were put out, a call was placed to Jeff Padgett. The classroom had nearly burned to the ground and was in obvious need of help before the district’s spring break ended that coming Monday, March 23rd. Owner and Head of Production, Tim Padgett, responded and determined the classroom to be a total loss as damages incurred as a result of the fire would cost more to repair than to replace the structure. Adjoining classrooms were also affected as the smell of smoke permeated throughout the air ducting system. Our crews immediately went to work demolishing the charred classroom and cleaning and deodorizing the others that were affected. By Saturday evening, the lot that once held a classroom for Spanish lessons was completely empty and properly secured. The two other affected classrooms were completely clean and free of the smoky odor. School could once again commence as if nothing had happened. We’re there for our community when they need us. Just another reason to trust Jeff Padgett @ SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa!

Trust Your Contents to SERVPRO!

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Materials Used During Contents Pack Out

SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa is a full service emergency and restoration company. We specialize in contents cleaning and restoration, and also offer structural and 24/7 emergency restoration services to return your property – and your life – to normal. Family owned and operated, we restore properties in Southern California.


From furniture to antiques to artwork and appliances, we'll treat your treasures with the care they deserve. While some items can be cleaned on-site, in many cases we'll need to inventory, pack out and transport the contents of your property to our state-of-the-art facility to ensure the best care possible.

Potential Sources

Wind and Dust Storms, Smoke and Soot from Fire, Vandalism, Water

Key Issues

  • Contents may need to be cleaned off-site
  • Contents inventory
  • Determine replacement and restoration
  • Pack
  • Ozone treatment
  • Cleaning
  • Odor removal
  • Secure
  • Return

Contents Inventory

  • We arrive on-site and inventory all of your personal belongings.
  • We carefully pack all salvable items to transport to our secure warehouse and cleaning facility.
  • Unsalvageable contents are inventoried and discarded.

Contents Valuation

We have trained professionals to help you establish replacement values versus restoration costs. We are also available for pricing of non-salvable inventory items.


  • Thorough cleaning
  • Proper handling of all electronics
  • Photographs and artwork
  • Fabrics
  • Clothes
  • Memorabilia
  • Antiques
  • Soft goods
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Appliances
  • Surfaces
  • Odor Removal

If you experience an unfortunate turn of events at your property, remember to SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa, your one stop shop for cleaning and restoration.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Public Adjusters

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PA's will listen to fire scanners and show up at the same time as first responders.

The nature of accidents and disasters are unpredictable, unexpected, and always inconvenient. They are also part of life which is why home and business owners invest in insurance.

When shopping for insurance, the home or business owner can expect to review a proposed policy in a controlled environment, ask questions of an insurance expert – their agent – and make an informed decision based on this process. If a home or business owner encounters real-time structural damage from water, wind, or fire, among the first calls made is to the insurance company, right?  If a public adjusters (PA) is on the scene of a disaster, they will attempt to dissuade the rational, research-based decisions made in advanced by the policy holder and play on their primordial fears when they are at their most vulnerable.

PA’s have been known to convince the homeowner not to use their insurance company and engage them instead in order to navigate the remediation process.  This conversation happens while the homeowner is standing on their front yard in the middle of the night in a bathrobe with the family pet in their arms as they watch their earthly possessions incinerate.

Who are PA’s and how do they get into the mix?  The National Association of Insurance Commissioners define PA’s as “any person who, for compensation or any other thing of value, acts on behalf of an insured”.  Their main responsibilities include:

1. Determining values for settling covered damages
2. Prepare, document, and support the claim on behalf of the insured
3. Negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on behalf of an insured
4. Re-open a claim and negotiate for more money if a discrepancy is found after the claim has been settled

The payment scheme for PAs is a percentage of the claimant’s total settlement.  Some charge a flat percentage while others use a regressive scale (25% of the first $100,000, and 10% between $100,001-$200,000, and 8% over $200,001, for example).  It is essential for PAs to have a firm legal grasp on the division of responsibilities between insurance companies and policy holders (but whose to say if they do).

The California Department of Insurance licenses PA’s, and 44 other states have statutory regulations on them as well.

While there may be honest public adjusters with integrity, their overall reputation is unscrupulous.  They are known to listen to fire scanners and  show up at the same time as first responders – waiting until the fire department leaves to approach a homeowner.  A career bureaucrat at the California Department of Insurance declined to be interviewed but shared shocking off the record remarks about her experience with PAs.

At the homeowner level, PAs are middle-men when none are needed.  They take a large percentage of a claim that is not in dispute and prolong the process.  For example, if an insurance company plans to replace a refrigerator and a PA was involved, the PA will receive a percentage of the value of the refrigerator.  PAs try to engage with a homeowner before the insurance company can investigate, thus giving them more opportunity to pad the claimant’s loss and in turn increase their commission.

According to Captain Investigator Rob Sanberg, a 19-year veteran of the Redlands Fire Department, “During a disaster is not the appropriate time for a sales call.”  He recalls public adjusters contacting family members and neighbors of homeowners who have just experienced a disaster, often times before the homeowner has had the opportunity to tell them themselves.  “They do not have the right to do this and it’s insensitive”, says Sanberg.

So when would a public adjuster be used?  PAs can be of benefit on larger commercial claims when there are details and a lot of technical analysis in coordinating information.  However, they serve as a detriment to the claim adjustment process for smaller homeowner claims. “They are a disservice to the client by reducing their net recovery”, says a veteran National General Adjuster at a major insurance company.

If a policy holder does not like or trust their insurance agent, get another one before a disaster.

SERVPRO of South Redlands Partners with Certified Gemologis Matthew Stewart

12/22/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa has established itself as the experts in emergency restoration services for wind, fire, smoke, and water damage.  In the course of returning a family or business owner’s life back to normal, it is not uncommon for Jeff Padgett to bring in experts outside the restoration arena.

One such trusted partner is Certified Gemologists, Matthew Stewart.  When a restoration job includes damaged precious gems, jewelry, or watches, Jeff Padgett calls Mr. Stewart.  Stewart’s relationship with the Padgett’s began some 30 years ago when Jeff's mom and dad were jewelry customers (Matthew recalls Pat shopping for a heart-shaped pendent).  When Stewart got into the insurance business, he met Jeff Padgett.  Jeff Padgett refers clients to Mr. Stewart when diamonds and other high-end jewelry are lost or damaged in a disaster.  He has even gone on-site to sift through ashes with a homeowner to look for a diamond.

Matthew Stewart is a very accomplished Certified Gemologist, having obtained his credential from the Gemological Institute of America and American Gem Society.  He is based in the Inland Empire and offers a mobile service while working out of storefronts in Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach where he specializes in Rolex and David Yurman, to name a few.

“The interesting part of my job is the trust people give you.  Clients will just give me a $100,000 ring – knowing it is coming back in better shape than when it left.  In my business you must have honesty and integrity”, said Stewart.  This level of trust is not built overnight, which is another similarity Mr. Stewart’s business shares with Jeff Padgett.  For Jeff Padgett and SERVPRO to have partners like Matthew Stewart who are not only experienced specialists, but also share the same values, ensures that the customer has the best service and experience possible.

For more information on Matthew Stewart Insurance Replacement Service, call 951-232-3410 or email