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Mold growth in cabinet.

Mold Growth in Cabinet

If you discover potential mold growth in your home or business in Redlands, CA, you can give our SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa team a call! Our crew can quickly respond, inspect, and take necessary action to ensure that your potential mold damage event is taken care of.

SERVPRO van parked outside home.

Working Hard To Ensure The Home is Livable and Safe After Fire Loss

Our crew recently responded to a home in Mentone that had suffered from a kitchen fire. Our crew quickly got to work to ensure that the damage was taken care of and the home was safe for the family to live in again.

SERVPRO van outside loss site.

You Can Always Count On Our SERVPRO Team!

You can count on our SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa team to be there to help when disaster strikes. Our crew offers our emergency cleanup and restoration services around the clock, 7 days a week. 

Fire damage in kitchen.

Redlands Kitchen Fire

Fire Damage Cleanup in Redlands

Our SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa team is the local leader in fire damage cleanup and restoration in the Redlands, CA, area! Our team recently responded to a home in the area that had suffered from a kitchen fire.

Dehumidifier in kitchen.

Water & Mold Damage in Kitchen

This home in Yucaipa, CA, suffered from a water leak that went unnoticed for a longer period of time. This resulted in a mold infestation. Our SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa team is here to help with all your water and mold damage cleanup and remediation needs!

Mold growth under sink.

Mold Remediation Specialist

If you have recently suffered from a water damage event, a leak, or have discovered potential mold growth, it is important to call your local restoration professional as quickly as possible. SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa is the leading mold remediation specialist in the greater Redlands, CA, area.

a toilet with green drying equipment next to it

Toilet Overflow

Toilet Overflow Cleanup

If your floors are soaking wet after a toilet overflow, give SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa a call. We will remove all damaged materials and begin the drying process immediately. After that, we will restore your floors and make it look “Like it never even happened.”

mold under a cabinet

Mold Remediation in Redlands, CA

If your home or business has mold after water damage, give SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa a call. Our top priority is getting you back into your property as soon as it is safe to. If you are local to the Redlands, CA area and need water damage restoration or mold removal services, feel free to give us a call.

hot water heater

Source of Water Loss

Hot Water Heater Malfunction in Redlands, CA

A good indication of a failing hot water heater is a puddle of water underneath it, indicating a slow leak, or rusted or corroded fittings on the top of the heater. Water heaters are under a great deal of pressure and will flood if the leak is not cared for immediately.

fire damage to a home

Devastating Fire Damage

Fire Damage Devastates this Home

Our SERVPRO of South Redlands / Yucaipa team responded to this devastating residential fire. It is always a good practice to learn a few helpful tips while you wait for our professionals to arrive, should you experience fire damage to your property. 

a moisture meter

Moisture Testing During Water Damage Restoration

What is a Moisture Meter?

Moisture meters help us to determine affected areas of the home from unaffected areas. This also helps us to pinpoint the source of loss to begin the water restoration process and avoid secondary damages.

attic space with pipes and exposed wood

Pipe Break in Redlands, CA

Water Restoration Process

The first step in the water restoration process is to find the source of loss. For this customer, the source of loss was a pipe break. We started mitigating the water damage to prevent secondary damage to this California home.

Bathroom with bare wood floors exposed.

Substantial Microbial Growths

Water damage may result in structural faults and safety hazards in the home, such as unsound walls and mold growth. Our team chose to remove these floors due to substantial microbial growths. Call our team for a free quote today! 

Room with flood cuts and a chair on the floor.

Don't Leave Water Alone

If a water loss is left for weeks, mold can sink its roots into organic materials and destroys their integrity. A complete gutting of floors may be necessary. SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa is your one stop shop for all water damage and reconstruction needs! 

A green room undergoing demolition

Moisture in Wallpaper

A water leak causes moisture which can be absorbed in wood, drywall, insulation, and wallpaper. This causes warping, stains, bubbling, and deterioration. Team TEAM Jeffrey Padgett is here to help 24/7, 365 days a year!

Drying equipment on floor.

Water Cleanup Near Me

Our SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa team is dedicated to being by your side after a water damage event in your home or business in Redlands, CA. We are always on standby and here to help!

Drying equipment in hallway.

Essential Water Cleanup in Redlands

Our SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa team wants to remind our community that we offer essential services and we are still available for any water damage disaster 24/7. Don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO team a call.

Drying equipment.

Water Damage in Redlands Home

Our SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa team recently responded to a home in Redlands, CA, that suffered from a water damage event in several rooms. Our crew quickly got to work to ensure that the water damage was taken care of.

A graphic saying commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning in Redlands, CA

Stop the spread of germs with a professional cleaning for your home or business. As the #1 choice for cleanup and restoration, SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa has the resources to help you immediately. Call (909) 307-9700 to see how we can help clean your home or business.

Mold growth on wall.

Mold Remediation and Removal

If you discover a potential mold infestation in your home or business in Redlands, CA, it is important to call our SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa team for your mold removal and remediation needs. Call us today!

Equipment set up in a room.

Redlands, CA Water Cleanup

When it comes to water damage cleanup and restoration, our SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa team knows what to do! We are highly trained and experienced in water cleanup in Redlands, CA. Call us today!

Water damaged flooring.

Water Damaged Flooring

The flooring in this Redlands, CA home suffered from water damage after a water leak. Our SERVPRO team was called to action to ensure that the water damage was properly and efficiently taken care of!

Wet pad under carpet.

Wet Pad under Carpet after a Leak

This home suffered from a water leak that caused extensive water damage throughout several rooms on the first floor of the home. Our SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa team quickly responded and began the water damage restoration process.

Standing water in hallway.

Commercial Water Damage in Redlands

If your business in Redlands, CA experiences water damage, please give our SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa team a call as quickly as possible. Our crew can quickly respond, assess, and restore your business back to pre-water conditions.

SERVPRO team member extracting water.

Water Extraction in Action

Our SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa team is hard at work on water removal and restoration job after a large commercial property in Redlands, CA suffered from severe water damage. Pictured you will see our team member extracting water.

SERVPRO vehicles parked inside a large and empty commercial warehouse.

Who do I call?

When a water, fire, or mold disaster strikes your commercial property in Redlands, CA, it is important to know who to call! The answer is SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa! Give us a call today.

Green SERVPRO truck parked outside home.


SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa is available and ready to respond to your water, fire, or mold damage loss 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Don't hesitate and give our team a call today!

a moisture meter set up on the baseboards of a home

Checking Moisture on Baseboards

In this photo we are checking the moisture levels on the baseboards of this Yucaipa, CA home. If your California home suffers water damage, our team at SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa will be here to help!

a moisture meter set up in a cabinet space

Checking Moisture Levels

We utilize the latest and greatest moisture meter technology on every water loss we are called out to! Moisture meters help us to determine the severity of the damage as well as help us to determine if a structure has been restored properly.

the living room and kitchen area of a home with a dehumidifier set up

Drying Equipment

We have a dehumidifier set up to remove any excess moisture from this Yucaipa, CA home. After water loss, time is of the essence. The faster we get to your home, the less severe the damage will be!

under the sink cabinet doors open revealing pipes and miscellaneous cleaning supplies

Source of Loss

The source of loss from this water damaged residence came from under the kitchen sink. This spot is notorious for leaks and hidden microbial growth. If you find something suspicious under your sink, you know who to call!

air movers on the ground of a ripped up floor

Water you waiting for?

Give us a call now! (909) 307-9700 You should always take action at the first sight of a water loss. The longer water sits and seeps into your home the more time, money, and energy it will cost you. 

Everything but the kitchen sink...

Water damage is never a laughing matter. We know that this is a stressful time for you and your family. That's why SERVPRO is here to serve you, 24/7. Give us a call today!


SERVPRO of Redlands/Yucaipa always treats your home with respect & care. Our team understands that during these restoration processes you will be stressed and overwhelmed. That's why we're here to service you! 24/7, 365 days a year!

Look closely..

Just kidding! You won't be able to see the water underneath this tile without thermal imaging technology. SERVPRO is the leading professional in water restoration. We take care of our customers right the first time. 

The Moisture Meter Has Spoken

You guessed it! There is water underneath this floor. SERVPRO uses only expert grade moisture meters on your property. We are proud to say that we can find the source of your water leak right the first time. 

Hospital room with damage.

Soaked Hospital

If water damage is not called in immediately, mold can begin to grow. Suspect Growths cause a nasty odor and make your space inhospitable. 

Don't Hesitate to give SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa a call when you notice water damage. 

Moisture detection technology.

Is there Hidden Water in Your Property?

Thank Goodness for Moisture Meters!

If you call us, we'll find it! SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa cares about your residential and commercial properties. Water damage is the silent killer of your home's foundation. 

Hospital Flooding

Here at SERVPRO South Redlands/Yucaipa we know how important jobs like these are. We were able to get this hospital cleaned up quickly and efficiently so that patients could be seen in these rooms. 

Moisture detection technology in hand.

Why are Moisture Meters Important?

Moisture Meters are able to gain an in depth reading that is blind to the naked eye. When water damage occurs in your home these should always be used to ensure that there is no more cleaning needed. 

Drywall Tear out in Redlands

The home suffered from significant drywall damage from water.  SERVPRO tore out all the flooring and drywall down to the studs for drying.  Air movers and dehumidifiers were put in place to prevent damages before rebuild. 

Bathroom Restoration Clean up

SERVPRO responded to this home to find a water loss.  This bathroom suffered from flood waters. The baseboards and flooring was removed and air movers were put down to dry the sub flooring before reconstruction

Hotel Water Damage

This hotel suffered from significant water loss.  The drywall, flooring, and content in the rooms were damaged.  SERVPRO responded and assessed the loss. They were able to dry and rebuild the property back to normal conditions. 

Commercial Restoration Project

This facility had a lot of water and mold damage. SERVPRO was able to come in and remediate the mold and begin the reconstruction process. If you have any questions about our large loss capabilities, feel free to reach out at anytime. 

Commercial moisture check

This commercial facility had a lot of water damage. After the water was extracted, SERVPRO placed drying equipment and checked the structure daily to make sure things were drying. After a few days all of the equipment was removed and the building was ready for rebuild. 

Flood cuts in wall.

Affects of waters damage inside walls

Water can cause a lot of damage to the unseen eyes. In this cases it was a slow leak behind a wall that caused significant damage over time. SERVPRO was able to dry and clean up, fully restoring the inside of the wall. 

Flood cuts in wall.

Long term water damage

This bathroom had a long term water damage that started to cause microbial growth in this bathroom. SERVPRO was able to get on site and begin the remediation process. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at any time. 

Team member extracting water in warehouse full of boxes.

Water damage caused by storm

This warehouse had a massive amount of water damage from a recent storm. SERVPRO was quick to respond and get on site to start removing all of the standing water. Once the water was removed the drying process could begin. 

Mold damage to wall.

Flooding caused mold damage

A recent storm caused rain waters to damage the inside of this property. SERVPRO was quick to get on-site and take care of the water damage and the mold. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at any time. 

Mold growth on wall.

How to remove mold in home?

If you find mold in your home, SERVPRO is able to come on-site and help with the full remediation process. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at any given time. 

Water damage to store from storm

A storm came through and caused a massive amount of water damage in this large commercial property. SERVPRO was able to get on site quickly and begin the restoration process. Our teams are available, 24/7. 

Commercial Water Loss

This office suffered from a water loss.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began clean up. The team has special techniques they can use for drying.  The area was dried and restored back to pre water conditions.

Ready after any type of Storm

SERVPRO of South Redlands / Yucaipa can respond after a severe storm hits your home.  Storms can happen anytime day or night and our team is ready when the call comes in.  Contact us at 

(909) 307-9700.

Containment after Storm

During the drying process after flood in this home, SERVPRO put plastic over the windows to ensure the area would dry properly.  We have professional drying equipment that is used to restore your home back to pre storm conditions. 

What is Mold?

Mold can be many different colors.  If you suspect you have mold in your home or business contact SERVPRO of South Redlands / Yucaipa 24/7 at (909) 307-9700 and we can respond immediately. 

Bathroom Water Loss

The bathroom flooded after a water line break.  The bathroom was tore out and replaced. They used professional drying equipment to ensure area was dried properly before restoring the normal conditions. 

Mold in Commercial Building

SERVPRO can assess, inspect, and treat mold in your home or business. We have trained expertise and the right equipment for mold remediation.  Mold can grow quickly so this area was isolated to keep the mold from spreading. 

Mold Remediation in Redlands CA

Mold can grow quickly if not treated as soon as it is found.  The mold was found in the wall and SERVPRO responded immediately. They tore out the drywall and cleaned the area.

Kitchen Fire in Redland CA

This home suffered from a fire. The home had significant amount of soot and smoke damage. The team came in and cleaned the stains along with reconstruction of the home. 

Reconstruction from Storm Damage

This home suffered from wind damage after a severe storm. SERVPRO responded and began demo and reconstruction framing this home.  The team can respond after any type of storm, we are ready 24/7/365.

Hotel Bathroom Water Loss

This bathroom suffered from a water loss after a leak in the ceiling flooding the room. The team responded and used air movers to dry the floor and dehumidifiers to remove the moisture from the room preventing future damages. 

Commercial Water Loss

This hotel room suffered from significant amounts of water that leaked from a busted pipe in the ceiling.  SERVPRO responded with a team of technicians and equipment to remove the water from the room. 

Mold Remediation Job in Redlands, CA

Our team was called in to assess this mold situation. As you can see it has grown out of control and after being directed the Environmental Hygienist our team began the mold damage restoration process.

Containment for Mold

This was a water damage and then we came across what looked liked Mold and we had a 3rd party come out to do some testing do figure out if we would have to do a Remediation. We got testing back so we had to do a containment for the area where the mold was located.

Office Space

We also services commercial building, offices and more. This was an office space that was flooded by a supply line in the bathroom.  We can service you building as well just call SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa at 909-307-9700. We are happy to help 27/4/365.

631 New Jersey St. Unit 102 Redlands CA 92373

SERVPRO is available 24/7 for water, fire, mold, storm, and commercial services. Our team of licensed professionals can restore your home or business back to its pre-damaged condition. Give us a call today!

Office Lobby

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a SERVPRO looks like? Now you know! This is an idea of what you will see when you walk in. SERVPRO green walls and smiley faces. What more could you ask for?

Extraction Unit

This is one of our water extraction units that we use to remove water.  If you have significant amounts of water in your home or business contact us.  We have technicians trained 24/7 to respond. 

Racks of drying equipment

SERVPRO has the professional equipment needed for your water restoration emergency.  The technicians are trained to extract the water from your home or business. We have racks of drying equipment for water damage. Contact us 24/7.

More Drying Equipement

SERVPRO has air movers that are used for any type of water restoration clean up.  The air movers can be used for drying after water damage or sewage damage.  We are ready 24/7 for your emergency needs. 

Pack Out Materials

When your home needs to be packed out we make sure that we have the supplies on hand to make sure we are able to carefully remove everything out of your house or business until it is reconstructed.

Ultra Sonic Cleaning for Contents

Soot is one of the side effects of a fire in your home or business. We use ultra sonic tanks to clean the majority of your hard good contents. It works miracles in removing soot and smoke from fire damage.

Ozone Room

SERVPRO has special equipment they can use to clean content and belongings after a fire loss. This room has a special machine that manipulates oxygen which removes the smell of odors. Especially fire and smoke.

Content Storage

SERVPRO can respond and immediately begin clean up and restore your home to normal condition after a fire. We store your belongings until your house or business is re-constructed in our safe and secure building.

New Boxes

SERVPRO can provide many services along with restoration clean up after fire. We have a supply of new boxes to pack you back.  We can pack your content in your home or business and store during the reconstruction process.