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What Is Category 3 Flood Water?

8/15/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What Is Category 3 Flood Water? Sewage and flooding are considered category 3

If your business in Redlands, CA, has recently experienced flooding, you might be wondering whether or not it is safe to stay in the area and try to clean up the water until help arrives. While water that comes from a clean water source such as a leaking faucet or burst pipe is safe to interact with, you have a larger problem on your hands if dealing with Category 3 flood water. Here is some useful on what Category 3 water is, where it comes from, and how to clean it up.

What Is Category 3 Water?

Also referred to as black water, Category 3 water is considered contaminated water that can cause serious harm or even death to people or pets that ingest it. This type of flood water might contain feces, dangerous chemicals, or other substances that can serious diseases such as hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, tetanus, norovirus, tuberculosis, or West Nile virus.

Where Does It Come From?

The easiest way to determine if you are dealing with Category 3 water is to identify the source of the flood water. Common sources include:

  • Overflowing toilet
  • Backed-up sewer main
  • Broken sewer lines
  • Flash flooding
  • Storms

Additionally, standing water that is clean or lightly contaminated can eventually become Category 3 water over time if not quickly dried and cleaned.

How Do You Clean It?

It is important to never try and clean black water on your own. Anyone who tries to clean contaminated water without the right equipment and expertise can become seriously sick or spread the disease. Instead, call a water damage cleaning and restoration company to get rid of the Category 3 water, address any storm damage, and completely sanitize the area.
There is no question that no one wants to have to deal with Category 3 flood water in their commercial building. However, if the situation ever does arise, is important to act quickly and get help from a qualified team of restoration specialists.

Residential Water_125_Will I Have To Replace My Flood Damaged Carpet?

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Residential Water_125_Will I Have To Replace My Flood Damaged Carpet? Flood damaged carpet

Will I Have To Replace My Flood Damaged Carpet?

A pipe break in your home can result in catastrophic flood damage to your flooring materials. Carpeting in particular is susceptible to water damage such as mold if immediate restoration action isn't taken. By keeping some simple guidelines in mind when addressing water damage to your floor in Redlands, CA, you can determine if it's worth the time and effort to refurbish your carpet instead of replacing it.

1. Assess what kind of water has damaged your carpet. A flood that originated from a clean water source, such as a burst pipe that supplies a sink or shower, is less likely to harbor bacteria than water stemming from a toilet or sewage backup. For that reason you should only attempt to salvage carpet that has sustained damage from clean water, and immediately replace all carpeting affected by a contaminated water source.

2. Consider how long your carpet has been wet. A pipe break can quickly soak through even the thickest carpeting, creating the perfect environment for mold spores to form. Therefore, if you're not able to thoroughly dry any affected carpet and underlying padding within 72 hours of a water event, it's best to completely replace the material.

3. Contact a professional to speed up the restoration process. Since time is of the essence when preserving a flood damaged carpet, it's worth the investment in a reputable water damage restoration contractor who can quickly evaluate your carpeting and decide if it can be saved. If refurbishing is possible, they will formulate a plan to efficiently dry and repair the affected area.
When a pipe break results in flooding to your flooring materials, it can be one of the most challenging situations you will ever encounter as a homeowner. By remembering a few simple rules for determining if your water damaged carpet can be salvaged, you can potentially prevent the time and expense of a complete replacement.

Sprinkler System Service is Everyone’s Responsibility

8/4/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Sprinkler System Service is Everyone’s Responsibility Commercial fire sprinkler system

Sprinkler maintenance is not a job for your in-house plumbers and electricians. Your local fire department and insurer expect licensed fire sprinkler technicians to perform those tasks. Still, your in-house personnel can fill essential roles in sprinkler system maintenance. These roles fall into three categories.

Inspect the Sprinkler System Network

Your in-house plumbing system gets constant use. Meanwhile, your fire sprinklers quietly stand guard over your business, waiting for a fire that may never occur. Like all plumbing, this network of pressurized pipes is susceptible to leaks and other problems. Review of the network should include:

  • Inspection of the pipe-hangers to make sure that the pipes are secure.
  • Checking for leaks and signs of corrosion.
  • Testing all valves to make sure that they turn and can shut off the water when necessary.

Perform this inspection with great care, especially near the sprinkler heads. One tiny slip-up could result in a wet workspace and a very unhappy fire chief.

Monitor the Water in the System

Your sprinkler system requires pressurized water to do its job. It’s important to monitor the pressure. A problem with the water pressure requires an immediate call for sprinkler maintenance.
During the winter months, sections of your sprinkler system may be susceptible to freezing. Check for frozen pipes during those times. Introducing an approved antifreeze solution into the water supply might help alleviate this problem.

Test the Electronic Components of the System

If your equipment has a self-test capability, you should perform that test periodically. You should also test the phone line used to contact the fire department. Before testing, it is always a good idea to tell your fire department what you are doing. After the test, be sure to tell them that testing is complete.
Hopefully, nobody accidentally triggers a sprinkler head during routine sprinkler maintenance. If it happens, take comfort in the fact that there is a local team of water removal specialists in the Yucaipa, CA, area ready to move in and handle your problem. They are just a phone call away.

Flood Zones and Water Damage

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Zones and Water Damage If your area is among the regions more likely to flood, then you should seriously consider flood insurance

Flood Insurance

Many parts of the country require flood insurance for homes in certain locations. Not all homes near flood zones require such coverage. However, if you are only a block outside of a flood zone that mandates flood insurance, you may still want to get that protection. True, you don't have to, but if flooding occurs in your area, you will be left footing the bill for restoration, as most homeowners' policies do not cover flood damage.
Therefore, before you celebrate your freedom of choice, consider the potential risk and damage of a flood that is more likely the closer you are to one of those mandatory coverage areas. There are at least three things to consider when deciding whether flood insurance is right for you:

1. Flood Zones and Water Losses

Flood zone maps show the regions of the country that are more prone to flooding. You can check with your local emergency management office to review your zone status. If your area is among the regions more likely to flood, then you should seriously consider flood insurance to cover the remediation of incurred water damage. These costs can quickly add up, depending on the severity and longevity of the flood.

2. Other Flood Damage

It is easy to assume that floods only cause water damage, but the risks are greater than that. If the flood waters are left to sit for any period in your home, they can lead to mold damage and significant structural issues, like foundation collapse.

3. Remediation and Restoration

Emergency flood restoration companies are available in the Redlands, CA, area to help families recover from a flood. However, without adequate coverage, you will need to find a way to pay out of pocket for such services.
While flood insurance is not a requirement outside designated flood zones, you may want the extra coverage, especially if you live close to one of these mandatory coverage areas. Flooding is costly, and spending a little extra now may save you thousands later.

Tips for Reducing Kitchen Fires by Cooking Safely

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Tips for Reducing Kitchen Fires by Cooking Safely Kitchen fire in a Yucaipa, CA home

Cooking provides nourishment for our bodies, entertainment for our friends and comfort for our families. The kitchen is the heart of many homes and a place where people love to gather while they talk and share a meal. Yet kitchen fires occur with startling frequency – about 164,500 annually in residences across the nation, including in Yucaipa, CA. You can still enjoy cooking for yourself, family and friends without fear of fire damage by observing the tips below.

Tips for Avoiding Fire in the Kitchen

Simple habits such as turning pan handles toward the back, keeping children away from knobs and controls, and using a timer so you don’t overcook and burn food or pans are good common sense. Here are a few more you should learn:

Never overheat oil or grease, or leave it unattended in case of a grease fire
Make sure no towels, hot pads, curtains, wooden spoons, etc., can come in contact with a hot burner or pan
Never leave a burner or hot plate turned on when you leave the kitchen
When lighting a burner or pilot light on a gas range use caution and follow manufacturers instructions
Keeping the lid of a pan or a cookie sheet handy to smother flames if a fire should break out can help prevent the need for a larger fire cleanup.

Additional Help
It is also a good idea to keep discarded boxes and bags from mixes, pasta, and other packaged food cleaned up and away from your hot stove top and pans. Wipe up oil or grease spills immediately – Even a small oil spill can catch fire on a hot burner.

In the event a fire does break out in your kitchen, get help with fire damage cleanup from a fire restoration service in Yucaipa, CA. They can help ensure that fire, smoke and soot damage are cleaned up entirely.

A pattern of careful habits can create a lifetime of more worry free cooking. Don’t become a statistic – learn to make the following tips a regular part of your cooking experience and avoid fire damage.

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance and Testing

7/23/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Maintenance and Testing Fire sprinkler maintenance and testing is important to avoid further damage in your business.

Don’t wait until a fire has already struck your Redlands, CA property to find out if your sprinklers are working. You should test and maintain your fire sprinklers routinely to ensure that appropriate fire suppression protocols are in place to safeguard your business, your employees, and your inventory.

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Procedures

Most fire sprinklers have a self-test mode that allows you to simulate what would happen in the event of smoke detection. You should run this test at least once per month (after covering your equipment), but you can also simulate sprinkler function by holding a cigarette lighter near the sprinkler head. To maintain your fire sprinkler, you should:

  • Hire a professional for routine inspections. Professionals know building fire codes and standards for sprinklers, and can test more accurately than self-testing.
  • Conduct your own inspections. Between professional inspections, routinely inspect your fire sprinkler system to see if damage has taken place and all connections are active. Ensure nothing is blocking the sprinklers’ water supply.
  • Clean your sprinklers. Fire sprinklers need to be regularly cleaned, particularly the sprinkler heads, so that no blockage prevents them from operating properly.

How to Clean Up After Fire Sprinkler Activation

Once your sprinklers have been activated by smoke or fire, you may have a bit of a sludgy mess on your hands. Wait until a professional has cleared you to enter the building before attempting cleanup. Sprinkler cleanup mostly involves drying and mopping any wet areas, but you may also have to haul out water-damaged equipment and inventory. 

Try to avoid leaving standing water, particularly if you have electrical damage after a fire. Standing water can lead to further injuries and mishaps, and it can promote mold growth. Be careful of exposed wires and live power sources around water left behind by your fire sprinkler system.

Keeping Your Company Going During a Power Outage

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Keeping Your Company Going During a Power Outage Utilize portable power to keep your company going during a power outage.

In Redlands, CA a power outage can happen at any time, leaving you unable to work and susceptible to losing work progress. Waiting on electricity to be restored can take anywhere from hours to days. In the meantime, there are ways to utilize portable power to get your work done so your company stays on top of business until the electricity comes back on.

3 Ways to Keep Your Company Working During a Power Outage 

  1. Install an uninterrupted power supply for each company computer. This ensures that during a power outage, you can restore your documents, save what needs to be saved, and shut down the computer safely. An uninterrupted power supply keeps the computer running off battery power when electricity is lost, buying you a little extra time to get files in order.
  1. Use mobile hotspot and battery-operated devices. If your phone, laptop, and/or tablet is charged, you can continue to work for a bit even if the power is out. Just use your data plan on your phone to set up a hotspot, which you can do through the phone’s settings. When you do this, other devices can connect to the internet through the Wi-Fi signal your phone emits.
  1. Move locations. With the array of portable electronic devices available today, you can set up an office anywhere. Go somewhere else where electricity is running and Wi-Fi is available, and you can get all the work done you need to. In order to make work files more accessible, invest in cloud storage so you can get whatever files you need wherever. 

By taking simple steps, your company can be prepared for any power outage. A portable generator isn’t only a bulky machine now; a variety of mobile devices, tablets, and laptops are available so you can use power no matter where you are. By using these methods, you can keep your company going strong even when the power isn’t.

What Should You do if Your Toilet Overflows?

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage What Should You do if Your Toilet Overflows? Sewer damage due to Toilet overflow in Redlands, CA.

Just about everyone has probably had the experience of a toilet overflow in his or her home. It may sound like a simple, routine problem, but because it could be a result of sewer damage in Redlands, CA this isn’t an issue you want to dismiss. When toilet water spills onto your floor or over other areas, it could pose health risks and could result in challenge cleanup. If this occurs in your home, make sure you take the proper precautions and act promptly so you can mitigate damage and other issues. 

4 Steps to Follow after a Toilet Overflow.

1. Identify the Type of Water

Depending on where the leaking or flooded water is coming from, you will have a different response. When you notice that your toilet is overflowing, get a glimpse of what the water looks like. You will see one of three types:

  • Clean water: This comes from a broken water supply line.
  • Gray water: This may be contaminated with bacteria and other viruses
  • Black water: This hazardous water contains waste, including sewage.

If you see black water, call the sewage company immediately so you can get some professionals to your home.

2. Clean up the Water

If you don’t act quickly, water in your home from sewer damage can cause severe health problems for people in your home. It’s important to use heavy-grade equipment to remove all water and waste from your floor.

3. Dry the Floor

Once you no longer have standing water in your bathroom or other areas, dry the floor thoroughly. This will discourage the growth of mold

4. Sanitize

This is an essential step, as you need to remove all traces of bacteria and microbes. Sanitize completely with powerful chemicals and professional-quality products. 

If you act quickly, you can mitigate sewer damage in your home. Follow these steps and enlist the help of a trusted company to ensure you make your home safe and sound.

Safety Gear to Wear for Renovation Projects

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Safety Gear to Wear for Renovation Projects It’s important for an individual to take proper safety measures to protect himself or herself

Items That May Be Used for Safety

Renovations to a residence in Mentone, CA can be a wonderful way to enhance a home and may create beautiful results for homeowners and residents. When working on residential renovations, it’s important for an individual to take proper safety measures to protect himself or herself. Renovations to a home may include many activities such as construction and building, painting, or projects that get rid of mold damage, such as mold remediation, for example. In all situations where work is being conducted, the safety of those who are working at a property is crucial. Here are some of the items that may be used for safety, including face masks, gloves, and other protective equipment.

1. Wear Protection for the Eyes

Protecting the eyes during construction and renovation work is incredibly important. Eyes can be very sensitive and wearing goggles may help to prevent any foreign objects, particles, or chemicals which could potentially cause harm from entering the eyes.

2. Use Protective Masks Over the Nose and Mouth

Utilizing protective face masks while renovating a home can help to keep an individual safe from inhaling any harmful toxins that he or she may be utilizing. This may be especially critical when using certain paints or spraying chemicals. Additionally, a mask may help to prevent an individual from breathing in any tiny particles that are not easily seen with the eye.

3. Utilize Gloves When Handling Hazardous Materials

Shielding the hands and fingers is a priority. Wearing gloves may be advantageous when touching any chemicals, working with sharp objects, or handling potentially harmful materials.

4. Wear Hardhats and Work Boots

Whether a minor home renovation is taking place, or if a heavy-duty construction project is underway, accidents can happen. In addition to wearing face masks and other protective equipment, it may be a good idea to consider wearing work boots to protect the feet, and a hardhat to cover the head.

How To Keep Your Roof Strong and Sturdy

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How To Keep Your Roof Strong and Sturdy Some roof repair jobs may be beyond your scope of expertise

You work hard to build a competitive, successful business by hiring talented staff and developing useful services and products. You should also pay close attention to some of the physical aspects of your company such as the condition of your Redlands, CA, building. A roof leak, for example, could spell big trouble for your day-to-day operations and employee safety.

What Can Cause the Issues?

You rely on a dependable roof at work to protect you from the elements and provide security. While a roof leak may seem minor, it can develop into something much worse and eventually introduce a significant amount of water into the facility. These leaks can start from the following:

  • Damage from a severe storm such as a hurricane
  • Aging roof
  • Faulty installation or materials

Look for Evidence

If water is coming through the ceiling of your office, inspect the roof for signs of trouble. Keep your eyes out for missing shingles, bubbling or bulging, and damaged rain gutters and downspouts. It’s important to inspect your roof regularly, especially if it’s an older building.

Proper Maintenance

You know it’s critical to address problems with your home, so why would you neglect issues with your office? Make sure you make necessary repairs immediately and follow maintenance recommendations on schedule. Replacing broken rain gutters will correctly divert water away from your building. Replace shingles without delay, particularly after wind damage. Clean storm drains as well.

Hire the Right People

Some roof repair jobs may be beyond your scope of expertise. This is why you need to hire a reputable professional restoration team to fulfill these needs. The pros have the experience and the equipment to fix problems and replace your roof when necessary. Look for licensed technicians who have a proven track record of doing commercial work.

Your roof leak could become something more significant. Fight off severe issues with these helpful maintenance tips.