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Facing the Reality of Commercial Fire Damage

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Facing the Reality of Commercial Fire Damage

A fire in the office isn’t just a danger to you and your staff: commercial fire damage can also be devastating to the health of your business in other ways. The most common causes of commercial fire damage are electrical fires and utility room fires, both of which are absolute disasters which often lead to both soot damage and smoke damage.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Thankfully, most businesses nowadays are equipped with fully-functional fire sprinkler systems which can help with fire suppression by reducing the immediate fire damage done by electrical fires and utility room fires. While office sprinkler systems often aren’t enough to fully douse a raucous flame, they’re usually enough to put a damper on things until the firefighters arrive. Once the flames created by a utility room fire or electrical fire cause the room temperature to rise to a certain level, the fire sprinkler system sounds the alarm and begins sprinkling water.

A fully operational and maintained fire sprinkler system is the first line of defense against commercial fire damage, but typically within minutes, a fire truck will arrive. You can expect the firefighters to do a thorough fire suppression using their tool of choice, the fire hose.

Fire Suppression

Every firefighter is trained to respect the flames and never act rashly in the face of danger. You can expect the brave firefighters on site to work swiftly to put out the fire and relieve the immediate danger. However, while a few fire hoses will do away with most commercial fires, that much water pounding on your already-weakened building is sure to take its toll.

Once the firefighters have completed the task of fire suppression, it will soon be time to think about fire restoration. While there’s a lot that can be done with a fire hose, pressurized water shot from a fire truck won’t repair the physical damage to your commercial property. Firefighters can only do so much, and when you’re left with the hazardous remains, it’s time to call in the fire restoration experts.

Fire Restoration

Fire damage caused by electrical fires and utility room fires can be an absolutely devastating event. Fortunately, commercial fire damage experts will soon be there to clean up the mess. Soot damage and smoke damage are part and parcel with fire damage as every fire restoration team knows.

A room with soot damage can quickly wreak havoc on your respiratory system as the tiny particles can get into your lungs, cause inflammation, and damage blood cells.

Smoke damage also makes your business unsafe as the smoke will cling to the walls and emit toxic fumes. In either case, fire damage will weaken the structure of your building, making it a hazard zone. Thankfully, fire restoration teams will come well equipped to tackle the dangers caused by electrical fires and utility room fires.

Preventing Fires

Thanks to the international fraternity of fire stations everywhere, nearly every community in the developed world is graced with a fleet of rapid response fire trucks equipped with high-pressure fire hoses. But responsible business owners and property managers can’t wait until soot damage and smoke damage have already been incurred.

While the sirens of an approaching fire truck can be comforting in an emergency, no one wants to hear that sound coming in their direction. By taking adequate fire safety measures today, you can insure your business against the disaster that fire inevitably brings once it is set loose in a commercial space. While most data today is backed up in the cloud, your employees need somewhere to work. So, remember to put their needs first when planning for emergency fire safety: data are replaceable, but people aren't.
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