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How to Assess a Home That Has Potential Mold Damage

6/2/2017 (Permalink)

How to Assess a Home That Has Potential Mold Damage

We all live in our homes day in and day out without much knowledge of what's going on behind the walls. For many homeowners across America and in other areas of the world, mold damage is an all too common problem that affects every area of their lives. When your home is experiencing some kind of mold damage, it can be costly and difficult to go through mitigation and remediation without a professional's help. Before you begin panicking over a mold issue, there are ways to check to make sure this is the problem you're facing.

What is Mold and Fungal Growth?

Mold in your home can fester in areas that are both dark and damp. This might be a bathroom ceiling that has a lot of condensation from showering daily or a basement wall that has seen better days. The mold spores attach to an object, like a wall or floor, and quickly spread. A small mold problem can become increasingly worse over the course of just a few weeks, turning a tiny issue into one that is pretty substantial. This is why it's crucial to have the mold in your home or commercial mold damage remediated right away.

What Causes Mold Growth?

The most common causes of mold damage, fungus growth and mildew are damp areas. If you live in a flood zone and regularly have rising water throughout the home or have leaking pipes, chances are that you're also going to deal with a pretty bad fungus growth and mildew problem that causes substantial mold damage within your home or business. Improper ventilation can also be a cause for fungus and mildew because there may not be enough air flow throughout a room that regularly sees water, like a bathroom or kitchen.

How to Tell If Your Home Has Mold

The easiest way to tell if your home has fungus growth or mildew is by seeing it. If you notice black splotches on walls, ceilings and floors, this is a sign that there's a mold issue present. You will also notice that mold in the home and commercial mold damage has a smelly odor to it. This smelly odor is released by the mold spores into the room, and it's a tell-tale sign that there's a problem.

Hiring a Professional Mold Remediation Company

Whether you have mold in your home or are dealing with commercial mold damage, professional mitigation and remediation is necessary. It can be difficult and time-consuming to do the mitigation all on your own, so a professional remediation company can come in and perform the mold removal for you. Their mold removal services are expertly done, and you'll often be given a guarantee on the work they do. They will use mold removal techniques and deodorization methods to thoroughly clear the room and air of mold spores. This prevents the issue from coming back and leaving that smelly odor you've become so used to.

Mold removal can sometimes be costly because you're dealing with professional mitigation experts who use all of their own deodorization supplies and tools to clear the area of that moldy smelly odor. Because of this, you'll need to discuss pricing with the company dealing in commercial mold damage to ensure that you can afford to have the project done.

Preventing a Recurrence of Mold

Once the expert deodorization has been done and you're living in a mold-free home, it's vital to keep it that way. This means to incorporate better ventilation into every room and to keep standing water and leaking joints at bay. If you find that there is still a problem with mold growth in the home or office, you should contact a local remediation company right away to come in and do the expert deodorization and cleanup for you in order to get your house or business back to its former glory.
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