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Learn How To Properly Prevent a Cigarette Fire From Happening in Your Home

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

If you smoke cigarettes, it’s important for you to know how to prevent a cigarette fire from taking place in your home. It may seem like something that is preventable, but people have lost their lives due to fires that were started by a cigarette or the ash it leaves behind. There are three steps you should follow if you want to stay safe in Redlands, CA.

1. Don’t smoke in your bed. If you’re feeling tired and want to have a quick smoke, you may normally sit in bed with the ashtray and take a few puffs. This is a dangerous game to play because if you’re too exhausted, you could pass out on the bed with a lit cigarette in your hand that could end up causing a massive cigarette fire. If you’re going to smoke, make sure you’re not doing it in your bed.
2. Don’t use a traditional ashtray. A lot of people think ashtrays are safe to use, but they do pose some serious risks. In some cases, the ash doesn’t go out and ends up spreading even further, creating an ashtray fire. It’s better to smoke outside or to dump your ashes in water as soon as you’re done smoking so that you know everything is put out.
3. Take the cigarette outside. Rather than smoking in your home and dealing with the odor and all the potential risks, stand on your porch or sit in your backyard when smoking. It’s the absolute best way for you to prevent a cigarette fire in the home.

Many people have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a fire caused by a cigarette. Those people may have needed help from a professional fire cleanup company to salvage their belongings and restore their homes. If you want to prevent a cigarette fire, don’t smoke in bed, don’t use an ashtray, and simply smoke while you’re outside instead of inside the home in Redlands, CA.
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How To Stop Mold Before It Starts

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

How To Stop Mold Before It Starts

Whether your home in Redlands, California has recent water damage or not, it can be at risk of mold growth. Without immediate action, this fungus can wreak havoc on your home. However, mold remediation can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s better to avoid the issue in the first place. That’s why mold prevention is crucial.

Prevent Mold Through Home Maintenance

Some necessary home maintenance can make it more difficult for mold to grow in your home. While these tips can’t wholly mold-proof your house, they can help:

Install and use kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans
As you renovate, choose mold-resistant products
Keep your indoor humidity above 30 percent and below 60 percent
Make sure household plants don’t sit in water
Regularly clean your gutters

Your region’s climate may affect your strategy as well. Talk to a local professional to see what you can do.

Take Action When Water Is in Your Home

Unfortunately, even the best plan can’t always keep water from building up in your home and causing mold. Any time your house in Redlands, California has flooding or water damage, you are at risk for mold. You should remove the water right away to mitigate that risk.

It’s best to let a professional take care of restoration after flood damage. These teams can safely keep fungus from growing in damp areas and look for any mold that could be present.

Seek Assistance If You Find Mold

Even when you follow all the recommendations, mold growth is still possible. These are signs to look out for:

Unexplained musty odors
Visible mold
Any signs of previous problems caused by water

If you suspect mold growth in your home, call a professional restoration crew immediately. You should not handle the mold yourself because there are many tricks to doing it correctly. Whether you have water damage or not, these mold prevention tips can help keep your home fungus free. Visit for more information on mold damage.

What’s the Proper Way To Use a Fire Extinguisher?

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

What’s the Proper Way To Use a Fire Extinguisher?

Having a fire extinguisher in your home in Redlands, California can be lifesaving. However, it isn’t enough just to have one present. You also need to know how to use it. Most extinguishers made for a small kitchen fire will work in the exact same way, so once you learn how to use one, you should be able to use any one you come across.

Printed Instructions

Every extinguisher comes with instructions for use printed on it. While you certainly can read through the instructions when you need to put out a fire, doing so can waste precious time. Meanwhile, fire damage is occurring. It is better to learn how to use the extinguisher before you actually need it.

Basic Instructions

There is a simple mnemonic device you can use you to help you remember what to do if a fire breaks out and you need to use the extinguisher to put it out. Simply think of the word “PASS,” which stands for the following:

Pin - Take out the pin.
Aim - Aim the nozzle at the bottom of the fire.
Squeeze - Squeeze the trigger to begin the flow.
Sweep - Use a sweeping motion to put out the fire.

If you can remember this easy word – PASS – then you can use a fire extinguisher.

Clean Up

You may get lucky and have no fire damage to clean up after using your extinguisher, but you will need to clean the agent sprayed by the extinguisher. If you have a standard extinguisher, it will spray a dust-like substance that gets everywhere and is difficult to clean up. Look on the container to see what type of agent is used, and research more about the best way to clean it up.

Knowing how to tackle the after-fire cleanup before you ever need to use your fire extinguisher can be very helpful when the time actually comes. For help cleaning up after large fires, contact a Redlands, California fire remediation company. Visit for more information on fire damage.

4 Recommended Safety Precautions for Cleaning Your Home After a Fire

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

4 Recommended Safety Precautions for Cleaning Your Home After a Fire

Homes in Redlands, California that experience fires can become filled with smoke and burning embers of debris. After the flames are put out, smoke damage often remains that has a bad smell and ruins the look of your property. Cleaning your home can expose you to harmful fumes. Four specific safety precautions should be taken during a clean-up.

1. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Fresh air inside your home makes breathing easier. Open as many windows as you can and bring a small fan into the room you're concentrating on. Good air circulation helps clear your residence of lingering smoke and odor.

2.Don't Sleep in Your Home

It may be tempting to stay in your home during a cleanup. However, the unpleasant fumes aren't safe even if you're sleeping in a room that wasn't affected by the fire. Consider staying in a hotel or friend's house until you're completely finishing smoke cleaning.

3.Wear Safety Clothing

Nothing that has soot damage should be touched with your bare hands. Wear gloves as well as old clothing you don't mind getting dirty. Preferably, the sleeves and pants should cover as much of your body as possible. In addition, safety goggles are a great way protect your eyes from contamination as you're scrubbing ceilings and walls.

4.Consult With a Professional

It can be overwhelming figuring out the extent of the damage to your home, which cleaning chemicals to use and how to repair the damage in an efficient way. Fire restoration experts in Redlands, California can restore your home to top condition. Instead of laboring with minimal knowledge, you can rely on skilled professionals who can fix almost any problem.

Smoke damage doesn't have to be dangerous to clean. With the right approach, you can make your home suitable for living in no time. These four tips can be beneficial in ensuring you're not putting your health at risk during the cleanup process. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Facing the Reality of Commercial Fire Damage

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Facing the Reality of Commercial Fire Damage

A fire in the office isn’t just a danger to you and your staff: commercial fire damage can also be devastating to the health of your business in other ways. The most common causes of commercial fire damage are electrical fires and utility room fires, both of which are absolute disasters which often lead to both soot damage and smoke damage.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Thankfully, most businesses nowadays are equipped with fully-functional fire sprinkler systems which can help with fire suppression by reducing the immediate fire damage done by electrical fires and utility room fires. While office sprinkler systems often aren’t enough to fully douse a raucous flame, they’re usually enough to put a damper on things until the firefighters arrive. Once the flames created by a utility room fire or electrical fire cause the room temperature to rise to a certain level, the fire sprinkler system sounds the alarm and begins sprinkling water.

A fully operational and maintained fire sprinkler system is the first line of defense against commercial fire damage, but typically within minutes, a fire truck will arrive. You can expect the firefighters to do a thorough fire suppression using their tool of choice, the fire hose.

Fire Suppression

Every firefighter is trained to respect the flames and never act rashly in the face of danger. You can expect the brave firefighters on site to work swiftly to put out the fire and relieve the immediate danger. However, while a few fire hoses will do away with most commercial fires, that much water pounding on your already-weakened building is sure to take its toll.

Once the firefighters have completed the task of fire suppression, it will soon be time to think about fire restoration. While there’s a lot that can be done with a fire hose, pressurized water shot from a fire truck won’t repair the physical damage to your commercial property. Firefighters can only do so much, and when you’re left with the hazardous remains, it’s time to call in the fire restoration experts.

Fire Restoration

Fire damage caused by electrical fires and utility room fires can be an absolutely devastating event. Fortunately, commercial fire damage experts will soon be there to clean up the mess. Soot damage and smoke damage are part and parcel with fire damage as every fire restoration team knows.

A room with soot damage can quickly wreak havoc on your respiratory system as the tiny particles can get into your lungs, cause inflammation, and damage blood cells.

Smoke damage also makes your business unsafe as the smoke will cling to the walls and emit toxic fumes. In either case, fire damage will weaken the structure of your building, making it a hazard zone. Thankfully, fire restoration teams will come well equipped to tackle the dangers caused by electrical fires and utility room fires.

Preventing Fires

Thanks to the international fraternity of fire stations everywhere, nearly every community in the developed world is graced with a fleet of rapid response fire trucks equipped with high-pressure fire hoses. But responsible business owners and property managers can’t wait until soot damage and smoke damage have already been incurred.

While the sirens of an approaching fire truck can be comforting in an emergency, no one wants to hear that sound coming in their direction. By taking adequate fire safety measures today, you can insure your business against the disaster that fire inevitably brings once it is set loose in a commercial space. While most data today is backed up in the cloud, your employees need somewhere to work. So, remember to put their needs first when planning for emergency fire safety: data are replaceable, but people aren't.
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An In-depth Look at Fire Damage Restoration Process

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

An In-depth Look at Fire Damage Restoration Process

A lot can be done to protect homes and commercial establishments from incidences of fire. Unfortunately, even the best precautions cannot eliminate the risk of fire damage. Incidences of commercial fire damage and fire in homes present a huge setback to business dealings and normal living respectively. The best way to respond to any incident of fire damage is to enlist the services of a fire damage restoration company. However, the options offered by restoration companies vary significantly. That said, these article looks at the standard fire damage restoration process.

Fire damage restoration process

Emergency contact

How fast you act in the event of a fire in a business or a fire in home dictates how fast you get back to your normal life. This also applies to commercial fire damage. Thus, contact a restoration company as soon as possible. A good company should act swiftly when approached and provide instant relief. As much as it is the job of the fire service department to put out fires, you also need the services of a restoration company to ensure that there is no further damage. Water left behind by firefighters might lead to water damage. Smoke smell, smoke damage, and soot damage tend to create air quality hazards. Emergency services should be left to experts, who will help you with fire cleanup and restoration processes.


Once the situation is under control, the next thing should be to assess the extent of the damage. The assessment process is equally important when dealing with a fire in a home just as it is in commercial fire damage. Ideally, assessment serves to look at the magnitude of soot damage, smoke damage, how far smoke smell has traveled, and how the property and the valuables in it have been affected. This is a critical step in any fire damage restoration process considering that informs the next course of action. If you had a fire insurance policy, a professional restoration company should help you identify coverages you might have and ensure you get to the pre-disaster condition smoothly.

Securing your home/ board up

Once the restoration company hits the road in earnest, their main priority should be to make things “better” than they are. For instance, if your windows and doors had been damaged in the process of outing out the fire, they should be in a position to board up the property. A board up essentially involves securing the entry points by using boards or metallic sheets to ensure there is no unwarranted access to the property and fire damage. This serves to take care of further damage, thefts, and destruction of evidence as in the case of fire in business. A board up should be among the first things done in any fire damage restoration process.

Fire cleanup

Once a board up and the assessment have been done, the next restoration involves cleaning up the mess. Part of the fire cleanup exercise involves dealing with soot damage. This serves to ensure the building looks as it was before the fire damage. Notwithstanding, these professional are expected to deal with the smoke smell, smoke damage and soot cleanup, which often involves some carpet cleaning. The other aspect of any fire cleanup process involves mitigating water damage by removing standing pools of water and drying the furniture. However, if they have been badly burnt or contaminated, the best thing might be to have them replaced.

Repair and renovation

If your furniture, cabinets, and walls had been damaged, you can either repair or replace these units depending on the extent of the damage. Most average companies offer restoration services, but a restoration company that is there for you should walk you through the renovation process. If you have just had a fire in business or at home, this can be an opportunity to renovate your property.

Commercial fire damage incidents are technically different from fire in home incidents. However, all incidents involve water damage, smoke damage, soot damage, and mitigation of smoke smell. As much as the restoration process discussed above applies in these two scenarios, fire in business should be handled differently considering that it could mean the loss of vital customer information and disruption of business activities. Irrespective, the best course of action is to hire a fire damage restoration company.
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Compelling Points About Professional Storm Damage Restoration

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Compelling Points About Professional Storm Damage Restoration

Severe weather changes can result in flooding, river flooding, storm damage, wind damage, hurricane damage, hail damage and even ice damage. When such disasters occur, huge losses may be counted individuals, families and the business fraternity.

Besides, roof repair experts have been keen to ensure that they restore such the storm damage in as a professional way as possible. Typically, the use of special tools such as flood pump may be required home restoration. Whether its roof repair from wind damage or recovery of frozen pipes among many losses, they can assist you and make the matter quite simple for you. This article provides full details on professionals storm damages.

River flooding and Flooding water restoration

Heavy rainfall can cause flooding and a roof leak. A river flooding can also lead to the flooding of a place and cause flood water. In cases where substantial rain accompanied by blowing wind, wind damages such as roof damage may occur leading to roof leaking. In this case, a roof repair expert from the storm restoration company will have to fix the roof leak. If the wind blew up the roof, roof replacement becomes necessary, ground water and flood water can likewise enter the house. This may require the professionals to use a flood pump to remove flood water. A river flooding can be expertly blocked preventing water from reaching homes.

Water damage and water restoration

Water damage is caused by ground water and flood water that may enter the building. Be it in homes or business premises, this kind of ground water damage should never be given a chance as it can cause more and more damage. When left in the building, fungi species such as mold and mildew may begin growing. These are known to be health hazardous. Water restoration and the general home restoration should start immediately led by a certified storm restoration company workers. The company you choose is very crucial as it may bring out positive results in time, delay the storm remediation process or worsen it. In most cases, a flood pump is used to drain the seeping ground water. Besides the flood pump, other drying tools may also be used. Any roof damage should also be repaired to prevent more water entry. The water damage should be restored very fast before it encounters electronic devices which may lead electro circuiting of the devices which may lead to total their destruction. Worst, it can lead to a fire breakout.

Hail damage and hurricane damage and their restoration

Hail is a form of solid precipitation. When it occurs, it often leads to roof damage (a roof leak to be precise). A hurricane, on the other hand, is a storm with violent winds, meaning that it will also cause roof damage, but in this case, the whole roof may be blown away. Wind damage can therefore also fall under hurricane damage. Whether its hurricane damage or a hail damage, roof repair is always a must. Your storm restoration company should be able to come up with the best storm remediation measures. Hail damage and hurricane damage can both lead to secondary destructions such as destruction of the household. The environment is usually at risk whenever they occur. Ice damage may at times occur as a result of hailstorms.

Ice dam, ice damage, and their restoration

An ice dam is a thick band of ice along the edge of the roof. Ice damming has been causing losses to many homes and businesses. When it occurs, the weight of the ice may bring down the roof injuring anyone in the house and destroying the household. Ice damage and an ice dam can occur almost everywhere. It can cause frozen pipes during freezing weather or in the snowy areas. Restoration of frozen pipes requires expertise from storm restoration professionals. Also, frozen pipes may lead to severe ice damming problems if not rectified immediately by ice damming. If the ice dam has taken place on the roof, the best storm to remove it before it causes much ice damming damage.

Experts should only do storm restoration, water restoration, and home restorations activities through storm remediation. An individual or institution should always have a storm remediation. insurance cover that will protect them in cases where storm damage occurs. Even after restoration, one should still renew the cover. Remember only the restoration company can give you storm remediation for home restoration.
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Tips for Effective Water Damage Restoration

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Tips for Effective Water Damage Restoration

You could easily be a victim of water in business or water in home. The causes are varied, some being easy to control while others are caused by natural calamities or through accidents. Regardless of what could cause water in home or water in business, it is important to prevent flood damage. Flooded home requires immediate response to ensure the restoration process beings in earnest to prevent further water damage.

When you have a flooded home, it is crucial not to panic as this could prevent you from thinking straight. Water in business or water in home should be brought to control immediately. Unfortunately, many residents or homeowners have no idea of what to do in case of flood damage in their homes or businesses.

What is the cause of water influx at home or business?
As indicated, water damage is caused by many factors, which include the toilet overflows, pipe break, supply line break, damaged plumbing system among other natural calamities such as storms and tsunamis. This kind of situation may leave the house or business building fully or partially immersed in water.
Excessive water in the house or business causes damages to the interior décor, furniture, and your belongings. It could also weaken the foundation or walls of the building. Flood damage should be treated as an emergency because of its potential hazard. The supply line break or the plumbing pipe break should be repaired quickly.

Tips to consider in a flooded home or business
If you have a flooded home, the first and most important thing is to contact qualified professionals. There are things you could be tempted to salvage, but without proper knowledge and skills, you may end up damaging them. Calling a water damage restoration company from your area is important because they know how to handle the water in home or water in business situation promptly and effectively.
Hiring a professional is important and assuring that everything will be done effectively. It is important for every homeowner to have emergency contact of a local flood damage restoration company and call them anytime this kind of situation arise. You do not know when this could happen; it can occur while you are away at work or night.

Why is it important to call for a professional restoration company services?
Professionals respond faster:
Water in home or water in business is not something that could wait, because the more time is taken, the further the damages and loss. Any professional restoration company is aware of the need to respond quickly, repair the supply line break, and pipe break and mitigation to stop water spillage. By calling these experts, they could guide you on what you should do before they get to the area.

They would conduct a professional inspection before restoration process starts:
Flood damage restoration and mitigation calls for proper planning. There are steps that these experts take in order to ensure that the affected areas are under control. The initial assessment helps them to determine the extent of the water damage and the right approach to consider. They also assist the homeowner with documentation that could be used while filing insurance claims.

Professional water cleanup and drying:
Any professional restoration company uses advanced techniques and equipment to extract all the water, moisture and debris from the house or business premises. In the water cleanup process, they also salvage the wet furniture and other belonging and place them in a dry, safe area.
They also have modern testing equipment that has infrared cameras to detect moisture during water cleanup process. The drying process is completed and effective disinfection and sanitization of the flooded home or business. Drying is done using dehumidification equipment. Proper drying prevents molds from growing.

State of the art equipment:
Professionals arm themselves with restoration tools. They ensure that pipe break of supply line break is done effectively. The mitigation process begins after water cleanup process. Hiring professionals ensure accurate flood damage restoration and mitigation.
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Commercial Fire Damage Options

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Damage Options

Commercial fire damage is very difficult to get rid of on your own, especially when the fire damage was quite extensive. One of the main issues with hiring a fire restoration expert is that there are many different options available to you. After all, after the firefighters and fire trucks as well as the fire hoses are gone, you are left with a home or business that is totally riddled with both smoke damage and a lot of soot damage as well.

Whether you recently dealt with an electrical fire or utility room fire, it is absolutely imperative that you make the decision to hire a fire restoration expert. The fire restoration experts can easily install a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system into your home or business. This fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system is essential for preventing a fire from getting too out of hand. You may also talk to firefighters who acknowledge that these fire suppression systems are incredibly important for the average home and business.

Because fire damage can be so detrimental to your home or commercial business, a fire restoration expert is there to take the guesswork out of repair for you. Not only do they take care of the smoke damage that has been left behind, but they will also take care of any soot damage that has become a problem within the business itself. Whether you recently dealt with an electrical fire or utility room fire, it is nice to know that commercial fire damage professionals are there to take the guesswork out of repairing for you.

Once the firefighters have left with their fire trucks and fire hoses, you need a professional fire damage expert to come in and take care of the smoke damage for you. They will also do a very good job of getting rid of any soot damage that is left behind. They can also install a fire suppression system for you which allows you to finally have a fire sprinkler system in the home or business that works well for you. Fire damage and the resulting soot damage and smoke damage can be incredibly problematic for just about anyone involved.

Not only will you want to get the firefighters in with their fire hoses and fire trucks, but you are going to want to invest in good quality fire suppression options as well as a fire sprinkler system for the home or business. This is ideal for anyone who has ever dealt with an electrical fire or utility room fire themselves. Commercial fire damage should never be dealt with on your own, simply because you do not have the correct materials to get it done. Sure, you have just recently had the firefighters come in with their fire hoses and fire trucks, but you need a professional to take care of the commercial fire damage for you.

Electrical fires and utility room fires need to be dealt with by the experts. They are the only ones who will be able to come in and do the repair work professionally and without any issues involved. This is something that you will definitely need to see as an option for yourself when trying to get help after a fire has ravished your home. If you have a company, you absolutely need to hire the professionals so that you can get everything back to working order and have your clients come back to bring you a revenue. You should never waste your time trying to clean up after a fire when you can definitely have a professional there to help out with everything that needs to be done. If you have some type of insurance, you can even have them pay for the option for you. This saves you a lot of time and money because you have somebody else paying for the repair work for you as well.
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Getting the Most From Professional Storm Damage Restoration

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Getting the Most From Professional Storm Damage Restoration

When it comes to home restoration after storm damage and hurricane damage, it's imperative to hire a company specializing in storm remediation. One of the reasons you need expert home restoration and water restoration professionals is because it can be difficult for you to do the storm remediation. This means that you're going to need help for the roof damage, flood damage and ice damage that was left after hurricane damage hit your area. This might also include frozen pipes, ice dams and ice damming that you know need to be rectified as soon as possible using storm restoration options and flood pumps.

If you have roof leaks from hail damage, you may also need roof repair done as soon as possible. Also, you will need expert home restoration and storm restoration professionals if you've dealt with flooding and river flooding. This can be rectified by using a flood pump for the ground water and water damage that is present. Flood water can be dealt with using the same flood pump and storm remediation. Because of your options with wind damage, it's nice to know that there are home restoration experts more than willing to assist with the water damage, ice damage, hurricane damage and flood damage. If you have any type of river flooding or regular home flooding, you need storm remediation.

Storm restoration is best left to the experts who know how to handle hail damage, water damage, flood damage and even wind damage. If you have roof leaks present, you'll need roof repair done as soon as possible to prevent any further flooding of the home. In this case, a flood pump may be used to get rid of the ground water in the home. If you have river flooding, the same flood pump will be used for the ground water. Water restoration from flood damage is best left to the pros, as they have everything needed to get the job done. Flooding and river flooding can become incredibly problematic, especially if you're also dealing with ice damming and ice dams. The water restoration people can help with this project.

Ground water from hurricane damage can result in frozen pipes, ice damming and ice dams. This is also not to mention the roof leaks you might have, resulting in the need for roof repair because of the roof damage. Storm damage and wind damage are difficult to rectify on your own, so be sure to get someone in who is specific to helping with hail damage, storm damage, wind damage, ice damage and flood water. Storm restoration does not take very long to get done, so be sure to consider this as an option when you have ice damming, ice dams and frozen pipes. Roof leaks need water restoration as soon as possible to handle the roof repair and roof damage present.

Storm damage can leave a lot of flood water, requiring a professional to come in for the ice damming, ice dams and frozen pipes. Hail damage, ice damage and roof damage are incredibly important to the functioning of the home, so be sure to hire a professional if you need to get the flood water out of the area. Now that you know how vital it is to hire such a professional, it is up to you to find someone who is going to be there for you every step of the way. This is a person who will work with you on a budget you can afford, which is essential for when you're looking to save some money. This is something that helps tremendously and enables you to feel confident in your home and its functioning. This is also important for those who might have a business themselves and need some help with what they are running. There are tons of professionals out there who can help out with what you're looking to get done.
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